Sweet Elby seeks a forever home

The Examiner

Elby is a 2 year-old shepherd mix. She is energetic and playful, loving and affectionate, and very smart.


Elby loves to play fetch and play with her toys. She can even recognize which toys belong to her and which things she’s not allowed to play with. She has been practicing her house manners, including using her indoor voice, not jumping on people, and working on potty training. She’s doing well at politely asking to go outside.

She is also practicing walking on the leash. She struggles with collar walking, but does very well with her harness and loves going out to explore!

Elby loves attention, and will hang out with you for hours. She enjoys hanging out and watching her foster family work from home. She is a cuddle-bug, and loves to snuggle on the couch, sleep at the foot of the bed, and loves being petted.

Elby’s ideal home will be relatively quiet, with a good routine for her to follow. Her ideal owners will be patient with her, and help her adjust to her new home. She would also prefer to be the only pet in the home. She’s too much of a princess to share the attention.

To learn more about Elby you can check out Indep.us/adoptablepets or call the Regional Animal Shelter at (816) 325-7207.

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