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What would President Truman say?

The Examiner

I feel like we’ve been in a reality show these past months, something similar to “Survivor,” with the finale being Nov. 3.

Do “they” really think by running the same campaign commercial 20 times during one show it will influence who we’re going to pick to run our country?

Sandy Turner

With President Truman having lived and died in my hometown, it’s hard not to wish for another leader who’s just a plain ole’ country boy. Someone who understands the value of the dollar and has experienced living paycheck to paycheck. How about a candidate whose closet isn’t full of skeletons? From empty promises to scandals, I’ve just about had my fill, although I will cast my vote.

I know one vote isn't going to make or break an election, but if we all decided not to cast our choice, whose opinions would we be living with? It's like refusing to go shopping for your own prom dress and then on prom night they bring out the ugliest gown in the closet. You have no right to say it's ugly, as you let someone else choose it for you, so it ends up just hanging, unused, in your closet.

There are two topics that should be handled with care when they come up in conversations – religion and politics. You can do one of two things: act like you didn't hear anything or jump in headfirst. Usually the best scenario is to not discuss it at all, but sometimes there’s no getting away from it. Picking a political party should never come before picking your friends.

We have the freedom to debate these hot topics, but do we pledge allegiance to our nation with such passion? Maybe we’re pledging so much allegiance to the house, car, career or fast-paced life that we don’t have time to be one nation, under God, for liberty and justice for all. To pledge allegiance to our flag is to dedicate yourself with unconditional love and respect for our country, and that's what we need right now, not only from the candidates but from each other. The last thing we need is people kneeling during this time of reflection while others pledge their allegiance.

I believe in our government, but also realize its faults and know it’s up to me to make the best, or worst, of my own situation. Whether it’s a new political party in office, or staying with the current one, it isn’t going to change the daily grind of making the most out of what we have and living our best lives. No matter who becomes our leader, the real changes will only come through how we embrace each other and our country.

We are the survivors of 2020, the year of the pandemic, natural disasters and a comedy routine otherwise known as the presidential debates.

President Truman said, “the buck stops here,” as he promised his responsibilities would not be passed on to anyone else. We should do the same.

Sandy Turner lives in Independence. Email her at