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Regional Animal Shelter: Sunshine needs a home and a little TLC

The Examiner

Sunshine is a 6-year-old orange and white longhair cat. He is a unique fellow, with a very perky attitude and a great outlook on life.


Sunshine is incredibly sweet. He loves hanging out with other people and cats, and he loves being petted and brushed. Sunshine has been at the Regional Animal Shelter’s care for a little over five months, and now that he’s available for adoption we’d love to see him find his furrever home.

Sunshine has Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, which weakens the immune system for cats, similarly to how HIV affects humans. FIV is generally spread through deep bite wounds between cats that are living outside.

Life with a weakened immune system can be tough because when FIV cats are injured or sick sometimes it takes a long time to recover. Sunshine is a prime example of this. He came in with a wound that got infected and would not heal. He had to have his leg amputated, and have several additional surgeries to get better.

Cats with FIV can have long and happy lives, but it’s important to keep them indoors, where they’re safer from illness and injury, and to take them to the vet if you suspect something is wrong.

Sunshine feels better since his infection is all cleared up, and he still has really good mobility. Sunshine loves to hop up in chairs for naps, moves around his living space just fine, and uses his litter box with no issues. Sunshine also gets along really well with his feline friends at the shelter. He is confident and happy, and should adjust to a new home well.

To meet Sunshine you can fill out a pre-adoption survey at, then email it to us. Then, call 816-325-7207 (ext.2) and ask to make an appointment for a digital meeting.

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