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Diane Mack: Costuming isn't limited to Halloween

The Examiner

I cannot believe Halloween will be in three weeks. What has happened to 2020?

Yes, it’s that time of the year, a fun time for the whole family. One of my favorite parts of Halloween was the elementary kids’ costume parades. Oh, we had Ninja Turtles, the Dukes of Hazzard, Star Wars, cowboys, cheeseburgers and ballerinas.

Diane Mack

I still have the kids’ costumes in the garage. I can’t donate them away. They are part of our family history.

Plus, I thought they’d be fun for the grandkids.

About 10 years ago, I bought 9 Big Mac costumes at the old J.C. Penney outlet store.

Actually they were Big Mac’s, cheeseburgers, and one small McDonald’s milkshake costume. I still have them.

This year, Kelsey is the only child who needs a costume. Kelsey prompted the costume thought, when she and I voted last Monday.

Sometimes, Kelsey can get activities confused. She asked me about her Halloween costume and then the candidates.

You know, in a way, many of the candidates are wearing costumes. And we won’t know who they are, until after Nov. 3. Even the propositions are dressed in costume.

Truthfully, some candidates need to be tossed into the Missouri River and sent back to their home districts. Then some are worth their weight in gold. Write me, and I’ll tell you which is which.

The first-class ones truly work for their constituents and serve the needy throughout the state.

In representing Kelsey, I’ve experienced too much sadness with government employees who aren’t held accountable. These employees make up regulations, advocate their own agendas and enforce laws that don’t exist.

I’m getting wound up.

The elderly, the medically needy, the homeless and those with disabilities are the most vulnerable. These are the residents whom we must provide for, and protect.

The other day, I watched a “costumed” commercial in reference to home health care. The ad showed a senior citizen with a health-care worker in the home and they were delightfully happy.

Have you ever had health-care workers in your home?

I’m getting agitated.

Kelsey’s and my state legislators are have little value in our book.

I’ll make this short. I want to keep the H for happy in Halloween.

Locating, researching and securing safe moral caregivers is hard work. Add to it, the state makes that responsibility the most difficult part of my daughter’s care.

For the past 15 years, my daughter’s state caregiver rate has altered in hourly rate from $11 to $15, to $9.50, to $17.53, $18.03, to $21.54, $22.91, and back to $18.03.

How in the heck can you give raises to a caregiver and then undo the rate when some state employee autonomously changes the rate?

This is such a simple matter. Oh I’m getting worked up.

Well, back to Kelsey, voting, candidates and costumes.

Kelsey, I can see why you get Halloween confused with the election.

Some candidates wear costumes, and we won’t know who they are until after the election. I pray the candidates in costume will not win. Kelsey, we need legislators who protect you, your rights and your future

Because those who love you the most, like your mom, will not always be around.

Readers, please vote.

Diane Mack is coordinator of Putting Families First, Jackson County's Family Week Foundation. Email her at