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Sandy Turner: I've discovered a new exercise program

The Examiner

I’ve owned every piece of exercise equipment imaginable, which eventually turned into a place to throw my clothes or ended up in a garage sale. I have drawers full of dusty exercise video tapes. I have had the means, just not the desire.

Sandy Turner

In a last-ditch effort to get us off our backsides, researchers say the recommended dose each day of exercise can be broken up into smaller time frames to get it all in. They suggest 10,000 steps in a day. So when I get up out of this chair three or four times, to walk to the fridge and back, apparently that is not enough.

Not wanting to give up on the exercise idea, I borrowed my daughter’s Wii Fit, which plugs into the TV and cartoon characters to show you how it's done. It may have given me some direction on exercise, but by the time I figured out how to make it work I was too tired to do anything but go to the pantry to get a snack.

I thought about hoeing the garden two or three times a week, but I'm so irritated with it this year. I decided to punish the veggie plants who aren't producing as they should and let the weeds invade their territory. The tomatoes are thriving, but everything else produced for a couple of weeks and then gave up. Sounds a lot like my exercise program.

I purchased a pedometer, which clips onto my clothing, to tell me how many steps I’m actually getting in a day. It was supposed to motivate me to get moving. The first couple of days I was shocked at how few steps it actually was from my home office to the pantry and back again.

It soon became apparent this wasn’t going to cut the mustard, which I do love on a ham-and-cheese sandwich. Enough about the food. I’m trying to focus on the exercising.

It's a discipline to exercise, unless of course you enjoy it, which obviously I don't. The key is to get it in while doing something enjoyable.

The dog must have ESP as he started bugging me every hour to go for a walk. What can it hurt, I have the pedometer after all, and maybe I can get some extra steps in. A brisk walk up to the barn and back was nearly 1,000 steps. Who knew, except maybe for the dog.

The real shocker was when five of the grandkids spent the night and we played outside for several hours. Hide and seek, green light, red light and red rover racked up nearly 12,000 steps.

This exercise gig may work out after all with the help of the dog and grandkids. I’m also considering wearing the pedometer at night because if it would register tossing and turning as steps, it could be a game changer.

Sandy Turner lives in Independence. Email her at