Dexter, a puppy in need of a home

By Gisele Gamble Special to The Examiner

Animals Best Friends has a new rescue who is as cute as he can be! His name is Dexter, and he is a handsome black lab mix who is only 4 months old. Dexter is loveable, gets along well with other dogs and is crate trained.


I can personally vouch for black Labradors. My black lab, Sweet Pea, is 14 years old and has been the most wonderful dog ever! Labs have such wonderful dispositions. They get along well with other animals and people. Labs are the biggest goofballs, which makes them so much fun!

If you are looking for a puppy to join your family and think Dexter might be a good fit, please go to the ABF website and complete an application. ABF does home visits and two-week trials to be sure the animal and family are a good fit. ABF also takes the animal back if something happens that the family can’t keep the animal.

Animals Best Friends appreciates all the support they receive from the community and do their best to help everyone that they can.