SAS shoes for my birthday

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They say if you think about something long enough it will come true. Sure enough, I’ve been worrying about turning 60 this month and everything is falling apart.

Sandy Turner

Whenever I'd tease mom about her SAS shoes she'd say, "Don't worry, your time is coming," and as much as I'd like to be in denial, it has. My mind doesn't want to admit it, but the body already has. The comedy routine my sister and I used to do, imitating our grandma and mom's complaints about their aches and pains isn't funny anymore.

This week it’s the hips. I’m walking with a definite limp to the right side. It could have been from splitting wood last weekend or carrying tubs of firewood for my sister's bonfire. Either way, I’m way off kilter.

For no rhyme or reason I'll wake up with a pain I didn't have the day before. (OK maybe it’s self-induced but I don’t want to admit I can’t handle it.) Just getting out of bed can feel as though I'm the tin woman without an oil can. When the body part doesn't stop hurting, after the third cup of coffee, I'm forced to make the call, even though I already know the answer.

My sister is eight years older, so I rely on her knowing why I'm having these aches and pains since, more times than not, she's already experienced them. She's been complaining about feet issues for years, and I have a closet full of her rejected new shoes to prove it. She too is desperately trying to avoid buying the dreaded SAS shoes.

Her advice is always the same: "Ignore it until it goes away, and if it still hurts in a week, go to the doctor." Amazingly enough, I haven't had to visit the doctor yet, because of some mysterious pain, although it's hard to pinpoint where it truly does hurt, since it seems to travel from one place to another. The bottom line is those SAS shoes are beginning to look more appealing every day.

Mom seemed to always be napping when I stopped by. I couldn't understand why she couldn't sleep through the night. She blamed it on a lot of things, including being too hot, too cold, hungry or just too tired to fall asleep. None of it made much sense to me, but now I get what she really meant. The body is tired and wants to sleep, but the mind won't shut down.

I don't lose shut eye over my health, aches or pains, but I can spend quality time worrying about everyone else. I worry when there's no reason to worry, and it seems to creep into my mind when I'm about to go to sleep. The "what if's" can keep me awake long past my body's bedtime.

The body aches have definitely moved to the right hip, but this time I know the remedy. Since I'm not going to stop carrying the firewood, I'm thinking I need better shoes.

I'm taking my own advice on this one, and after taking a short nap, I’m buying myself a pair of SAS shoes for my birthday.        

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