Slumber party success

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I'm fortunate to have been born and raised in the same town with nearly all of my cousins. We grew up congregating at our grandparents’ house, whether for the holidays or just to enjoy each others’ company. I may not talk to my cousins often, now that we’re adults, but we are forever friends.

Sandy Turner

Papa and I decided to have the five youngest grandkids spend the night all at once. The boys, who are second graders, don’t want to play much of anything except their electronics, and I was at the point that I needed a playdate, as the hubs wasn’t interested in playing Candyland.

Even though Papa looked frazzled most of the evening, it went exactly as I had hoped. The 3-, 4- and 5-year-old girls chased each other around the house, giggling excessively in between playing baby dolls, Barbies and eating bags of Goldfish. The boys were oblivious to the chaos and had huddled up in a corner, plugged into the outlets with bags of snacks lined up for future consumption. I was worried they weren’t having fun but apparently it was a dream come true, to be on their games for as long as they wanted, while eating junk food, as neither one of them were ready to leave the next morning.

While playing a Disney Princess match card game the girls were curious of what my “real” name is. I gave them the answer but they weren’t buying it. “Gigi’s not your real name,” they claimed. When I eventually told them, they stared at me like I was an alien. I’m not sure what they were expecting, but apparently Sandy wasn’t cutting the mustard. We then discussed what being a cousin meant and when they realized they weren’t going to understand, no matter how many times I explained it, they asked for more Goldfish.

Playing with the boys when they were this little seemed uncomplicated. Air hockey, ping pong and cars, repeat as many times as needed. The girls want to role play, and apparently I’m not very good at following the script. “Say this, then say that,” or “no not like that, it’s like this.” Apparently my days of digging in the dirt and calling it good are over – these girls have their own agenda. It’s apparent I’m going to have to watch “Frozen” a dozen times so I know my lines.

I made so many trips up and down the stairs, fetching everything from bags of Goldfish to fruit snacks, I worked up a sweat. With one eye on the Masters golf tournament and the other on my continuous quest to the pantry, I think we wore Papa out.

Just because I wanted to make sure the grandkids went home with a decent Gigi hangover I made candy confetti pancakes for breakfast (for real, it comes in the box that way) and topped it off with several Reece’s Pieces Peanut Butter Cups. After the grandkids were retrieved, I swept up the crumbs, ate the last of the pancakes and took a long nap while being lulled to sleep by the monotone voice of the golf announcer.

Cousins are forever friends, and I’m thankful to be the glue for their relationships that will last their lifetime.            

Sandy Turner lives in Independence. Email her at