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I may be going nuts

The Examiner

I'm wound so tight, I can't imagine my mood when it's too cold to go outside.

Dad spent his nervous energy shooting squirrels out the kitchen window. I don't have a vendetta with the furry rodents like he did, although I do realize I inherited his inability to sit still.

Sandy Turner

Even though there’s nothing new going on in our life, just the same thing, day in and day out, as we stay home, the world seems to be getting crazier by the minute. I can’t mow the acreage for weekly therapy, so walking is going to have to do, for now.

Dad spent quality time in the winter months shooting squirrels through the kitchen window, until the car dealership behind their house came knocking on the door. Even though a concrete wall separated Dad's backyard from their dealership, he managed to ding several cars with his BB gun. He claimed the squirrels were scaring his dog. You don't hear of many squirrels chasing after a dog, so I didn’t take this claim seriously, until now.

During our walks, (the dog and I) the squirrels continue to gather acorns, chattering it up as we pass by. It took watching a couple of squirrels doing their tree trick until I was convinced they were actually moving around the trunk to avoid being seen. Maybe these pesky rodents are smarter than I give them credit for. After all, their continuous “nutty” actions drove Dad to squeeze through a trap door in the attic to retrieve his BB gun I had hidden.

I’ve not seen this with my own eyes, but I’m fairly certain the squirrels are throwing acorn shells at us when we pass by. It could be a coincidence, but it does seem to happen nearly every time. Either they’re getting really comfortable with our daily walks or they’ve decided it’s time to terrorize the dog. They wait to scramble up the tree until he’s just inches away. I feel like they’re just egging him on as they sit and stare at us with acorns stuffed in their mouths and one in their hands.

Our walking route takes us in front of the pond, (where the dog pretends he’s hunting through the dead tall grass) and then up the tree-lined driveway. We always turn left at the pond, never right, because that’s too close to the street and I’m hoping the dog has realized the occasional passing car could spell trouble for him.

This morning the squirrels were in high gear. All the snow had melted and they were busy gathering the last of their supply for the rest of the winter months. It seemed one squirrel was hopping from tree to tree as we made our way up the driveway when it landed practically right in front of us. To my horror, the rodent took a right and was heading for the street with the dog chasing after him. It was a trap, and the dog was falling for it!

Once we made it back to the house I was convinced the squirrels were trying to kill my dog and I was going to retaliate.

I found the BB gun. If I could just get this window open.

Sandy Turner lives in Independence. Email her at