Howls of protest, heedless of common sense

The Examiner

Oh, it’s going out on my tremulous limb time again.

I’ve read all about the MLB pulling out of Georgia in its objection to the new voting laws the governor has initiated.

Annie Dear

I see Microsoft is getting in on the act, so is Coca Cola.

I’ve had a look at the new law – many pages, and full of legal-speak, as you would naturally assume.

I cannot for the life of me imagine life in America without needing some form of identification. This however is one of the contentious bones most being gnawed upon, eliciting such utterances that it adversely affects people of color and those in the rural community.

Now first of all, how does anyone go to the doctor; buy liquor or cigarettes; get on an airplane; open a bank account; get a loan or indeed, ironically enough, pick up their baseball tickets at a will-call window without ID?

And those howling in protest at this Draconian ruling have failed to notice that the state law also makes provisions for those who cannot produce a drivers license or a state-issued ID card, but the means of producing other evidence of one's existence. But that would be telling too much, wouldn’t it, howlers?

Shock and horror. How can I possibly go to stand in line to vote if I cannot be offered food and beverages while I wait? Here’s a tip. Take your own if you think you’re going to become feak and weeble. Problem solved. Now let’s move along, shall we?

It’s possible that voting hours will be restricted to 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. – but nowhere to the howlers let on that the voting period will include at least one Saturday and one Sunday. Federal law provides that a worker must be given two hours off, with pay, to enable time to vote. The excuses-exschmooches just don’t hold up, now do they?

I had quite a long discussion with a lovely lady of color the other day. I asked her if she would mind if I asked her a question. She happily agreed. I therefore asked her, with the greatest amount of respect, if she had any concern about having to show ID to vote.

Heavens no, came her reply.

I then asked her if not being offered food and drink would upset her in any way.

Good grief, absolutely not, she said.

Last question, I promised her.

As a woman of color, are you utterly insulted by the insinuation of these two questions? That people of your race cannot somehow get legal ID, or require additional sustenance while waiting to vote?

Hell yes, came her emphatic answer.

Enough said – enough howling – and way, way more than enough pseudo-sympathetic posturing by sports machines, and mammoth corporations, and airlines.

Go away, do what you’re paid to do, and leave politics out of it.

Annie Dear lives in Lee’s Summit. Email her at