You can choose pointless gestures or meaningful action

Annie Dear
The Independent Aussie
Annie Dear

Good morning, lovelies!

I saw critical race theory advocate Robin DiAngelo, who declared in an on-air interview that some years back, a self-professed 34-year-old college-educated person, and a parent to boot, she had an “out of body” experience after reading Peggy McIntosh’s “White Privilege Checklist.”

“Oh my God, I’m white”, she declared.  “I was so loudly white, I was hesitant to go outside as everyone could see I was white."

I read the list – and yes, I can see some of the points. But for it to suggest that the cops pull you over, or that the IRS audits you because of the color of your skin I think it just a tad far-fetched. With, of course, exceptions, the cops will only pull you over if you’re driving badly, or if your tags are expired, or if your tail light is broken.  And I can give you my warm personal assurance, having been audited for three lovely years, the IRS doesn’t give a rats what color you are. If you’re flagged, put a fork in your left leg, you are done, chickee.

OK – so Robin is gobsmacked to discover she’s white. But is she actually making the lives of the disenfranchised better? Is she actively working within their communities to lift them up? Is she working with the local police to suggest policy changes? She’s written a book about it, and is enjoying huge popularity, it being in its 97th printing.  

Just look at Hollywood, with actors with more money than Soros. Are they donating to their current causes du jour? I’m sure some are – but too many people are just getting their 15 minutes of fame, feel angelic, and go straight ahead being white.

Then we have a Canadian academic. She is of native origin, and felt she just had to do something when over 1,000 unmarked graves were discovered at residential schools where indigenous children were forced to attend, many of whom didn’t return home. You would agree – a travesty of justice and a huge tragedy.  No argument from me.

But what does this academic do to help the cause? She’s decided along with local leaders to “reject symbols of hierarchy ‘where they are found’” – OK, sounds good so far, but how is she doing it? By refusing to use capital letters unless the words acknowledge the Indigenous struggle for recognition. Bam, kapow, boom, zing! Now if that’s not a poke in the eye to the damned hierarchy I don’t know what is.

Really? I mean – really? spellcheck is positively going crazy with this. i can’t imagine how much energy she expends every day proof-reading her work so a sneaky capital doesn’t worm its way into her prose, thus supposedly destroying the lives of Indigenous People. 

Put your privileged money where your mouth is, people, and encourage others to do the same. Be kind, be courteous, be nice to everyone.

As my fourth-grade teacher would say – empty vessels make the most sound.

Annie Dear lives in Lee’s Summit. Email her at