What they say, what they do often don't line up well

Annie Dear
The Independent Aussie
Annie Dear

You know, I get a real bug in an unmentionable place when I’m faced with hypocrisy. The definition of a hypocrite is a person who pretends to have certain beliefs, attitudes or feelings, when they really do not. 

Does this sound at all familiar? 

We were speaking to a friend in Toronto the other day, and she was telling us the US/Canadian border is closed – due to COVID-related nonsense. I asked who closed it, and evidently it was the U.S. doing the closing. 

What hypocritical rubbish. Evidently COVID is far nastier if coming from the north than if coming over our southern border. So, really, there’s no need to worry about the thousands of illegals rushing in from Mexico. Apparently that particular strain of the virus is nothing to get upset about. If the virus comes with a potential vote, it’s all good. 

And then we have the bartender turned congresswoman in the form of AOC turning up to a Met gala in New York. Now keep in mind those attending the event had shelled out $30,000 a piece for the privilege of attending. 

So it would stand to reason that the Met was full to busting with people who had that kind of cash to spare. You know the type – the very rich. 

So what does AOC do? She turns up in a new designer frock, emblazoned with “tax the rich” in huge red lettering across her bum. This was “to puncture the fourth wall of excess and spectacle.” Evidently the millionaires and billionaires in attendance were “overall … so happy about it”. 

Really. Really? You seriously want me to believe that? Come, in the direction of, on. 

AOC described the designer, Aurora James, as a “poor immigrant.” From Canada. Yes, well. 

Ms. James has made serious headlines with the IRS in being a serial tax dodger and has three open tax warrants in New York alone. 

The gala raises money in huge globs for the Metropolitan Museum of Arts’ Costume Institute. So, AOC, if you want to tax the rich, you’re taking the potential donations and attendance prices away from the very Institute at which you’re holding your 15-minutes-of-fame protest. Put your money where your hypocritical mouth is. 

And good old Nancy, living in her San Francisco mansion, eating her $20 a bucket ice cream, apparently totally blind to the homeless population ever encroaching closer and closer to her doorstep. Way to represent your constituents, Nancy Poo. 

Evidently Mr. Nancy Poo made a cool $5 million buying shares just the week before – what a coincidence – the House voted on a weak anti-trust bill designed to curb tech giants’ power. Fancy that! Phew, what timing! What luck! 

“We’re all for freedom,” you hear the cry. But – but – if you work for a federal agency, you have to get vaccinated. If you work in the medical profession, same to you.  

You must wear a mask! And yet, our representatives are seen over and over again without them. 

Politicians? Beware. Woe betide you who think your bosses – that is, us – are dumb, uneducated slobs who really don’t care. 

That will end up biting you right in your own bums. 

Annie Dear lives in Lee’s Summit. Email her at anniedear@icloud.com.