Why not just give common sense a chance?

Annie Dear
The Independent Aussie

I think, for the most part, humans are quite logical. 

When faced with a warning tag on your hair dryer that loudly states “do not use in shower,” we logical beings think about it for a second, then say “OK, fair enough” and wait for the joys of warm air until after the cleaning routine. 

Annie Dear

Ditto, the “don’t use the toaster in the bath” – we can wait for our English muffin. The fact that these warnings were necessary – well, it doesn’t bear thinking now does it? 

When the government insisted we wear seatbelts in the car, there was initial pushback, but again, the logical among us outweighed the others, realizing that hurtling through the front windshield at 70 miles an hour probably was not desirable. 

Why bike riders would even venture out of the garage without full protective gear, including helmet and mask, is quite beyond my logical mind. I mean, heavens. Think of that time you stubbed your little toe on a heavy armchair. It hurt, right? Well, do that at high speed into a guard rail with nothing but your slogan bedaubed t-shirt and shorts – well you can imagine, now can’t you? 

Don’t text and drive. Logically this makes perfect sense. After all, what’s more important? Making sure spellcheck doesn’t trip you up, or crashing into the car in front of you? It’s a no-brainer. 

You have to have I.D. to vote – no question, of course you do. 

So, generally speaking I do believe governments have our best interests at heart. Lately? Around the world? Not so much. 

How can you say to medical professionals – hey, I know you were here from the beginning with this rotten virus, and you worked long, long shifts day in and day out – but now you have to have a jab or you’re fired. Sorry, kiddo this does not compute. 

I have been so saddened to see the state of affairs back in my beloved homeland. Aussies are generally a very happy-go-lucky, I’m alright Jack bunch, and going back to the original convict times have a very healthy skepticism when it comes to authority, and to see the federal and state governments come out swinging against the populace, all in the name of being seen to be doing something, is unbelievable. 

Rioting in Sydney and Melbourne absolutely shocks me to the core. Now, just like here, you know there would be some legitimate protesters, but you can’t help but think there are imports of yahoos into the mix to stir up more trouble than was warranted. 

But what shocks me even more is the response to this I see from a number of Americans. “Boy I bet the Aussies wished they hadn’t given their guns away.” I know this is a very odd concept to you, but Aussies in the main don’t actually want to own guns. Quite happy without them, but thanks for asking. 

You know my stance on guns. I don’t own one, don’t want to own one, can’t see the need to own one, but I’ve grown inured to the concept and if you guys insist on it, so, OK, go ahead. 

But what do these people think the Aussies are going to do if they did have guns? Take on the military and police? And if so – why haven’t they done that here? 

Thank God they haven’t.  As my mother would sternly warn: “it’ll end in tears”. 

Annie Dear lives in Lee’s Summit. Email her at anniedear@icloud.com.