It's fall, y'all, so let's have a ball

Sandy Turner
Down home

I love fall although it never lasts long enough. Mother Nature typically skips this season and goes straight into winter.

Sandy Turner

From the leaves turning to everything pumpkin spice, it’s a great time to be outside, which works out well since we’re still in a pandemic. The calendar is already getting full with family functions. I feel like Dr. Fauci wants to say, again this year, we shouldn’t gather together, unless it’s outside. Last year on Thanksgiving the weather was great, so it worked with spending a good chunk of the time outside and then having the doors and windows open. The Farmer’s Almanac, and the woolly worms I’ve seen, are painting a much different picture this winter.

I couldn’t believe the tattletales last holiday season as people were calling out neighbors, on Facebook, when they had visiting cars in their driveway. What will the holidays look like this year for families with some members being vaccinated and some not? This family is no different as we all have differing views and opinions from religion, politics, COVID and whether or not the vaccine is the answer.

There are a whole bunch of reasons why I love my family, and on the top of the list is the respect we have for one another to embrace whatever decisions are made. We all know who has had the jab and who hasn’t and we will still gather together without prejudice. These are some really strange and troubled times, and if you don’t have your inner circle of family and friends to support you, no matter your stance, you could be in for a very long winter.

I’m glad the grandkids aren’t old enough to grasp the unsettled aura we’re experiencing. It’s unfortunate the media provides news, every minute of the day, and we have to decide whether to believe if it’s real or fake. If we, as adults, can’t determine what to believe, how do we decide what to tell the kids?

I have not had COVID, to my knowledge anyway. I’ve had the vaccines. I worry for those who haven’t had the vaccine and worry for those who have. We don’t know what the future holds, although I know what keeps me sane – the belief it will get better, COVID will go away and no matter what “they” say or do to separate people, nothing will keep me from my family.

I keep reminding myself not to harp on the turmoil taking place in our country but it continues to crop up when I start writing. The beauty of fall is where I was going, before I again got sidetracked.

Going from air conditioning to the furnace in one day is what keeps Midwesterners hoppin’. For me, it's the signal to do some fall decorating. The mounted, stuffed animals found themselves dressed for Halloween with a witch's hat and cape for the raccoon and a Dracula vest for the flying goose. The fireplace mantel is now donned with a swag of thorny branches complete with broomsticks made out of sticks and dead grass.

I may as well dress myself up as a witch to match my attitude.

Sandy Turner lives in Independence. Email her at