Say no to the drab sameness of things

Annie Dear
The Independent Aussie

What do you think about color? Oh, I don’t mean the color of your skin – after all, it’s what’s inside that counts – and, no doubt, like lots of you, I’m really sick and tired of the divisiveness this has caused.  Not diminishing anyone’s thoughts or feelings, just to be clear, but please can we get on with living and loving in a peaceful manner?

Anyhoooo – back to my point. 

Annie Dear

We just had our house painted which is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. But when it came time to choose a color, it became a bit of a mind-bending exercise. I’m so tired of the beigeness of our society. Our next-door neighbor had his house painted beige. And I mean BEIGE. All of it. Not one bit of trim to lighten the load, it is irrefutably, undeniably and unendingly beige.

I’m a very colorful person. Oh, I don’t just mean my sunny personality. I don’t own brown or gray. I color-coordinate everything. My Excel spreadsheets at work are a positive kaleidoscope of color. It helps differentiate various bits of data helping to make the information almost self-explanatory.

Sir and I play a golf game on the computer (WGT for anyone looking for an amazing app), and we have a scoring system. Certain statistics have to be written in pink, others in green.

So, when it came time to pick a color for the house, not only did it have to satisfy the local HOA, I had to chose a color, any color, that wasn’t beige. Trying to evaluate samples painted in 4-inch squares when you know it’s going to end up covering several thousand square feet of walls is a real test of one’s mettle. It didn’t help with Sir standing behind me talking to the paint company rep muttering yuck-yucks such as “whatever she says” and "it’s all up to her." Oh, the pressure!

At the end of the day, we now sport a very lovely soft green house with bright white trim.  I love it, and Sir hasn’t made any derisive comments, so I think I brought it home safely.

I used to own a bright yellow car thatI adored. When it came time to get a new one, somewhere along the line all the car companies evidently banded together and decided the most distinctive color we were allowed to have was red. Have you noticed how many gray, silver, black and white cars there are? Dull. Boring. I want my yellow car back.

But here’s a piece of trivia you may not have realized. Do you know the twist ties or irritating plastic widgets that keep the package closed on your bread is color coded? I am tickled pink at the thought.  A blue tie means it was baked Monday, Tuesday gets green, Thursday, red. Friday is a white day and Saturday is yellow. It’s even easy to remember as the colors go in alphabetical order. Wednesdays and Sundays evidently are the bakers’ days off, so we will have to forgive two missing colors.

This was designed so that it made it easier for store keepers to easily identify the loaves which would be stale and remove them from the shelves. Very nifty – I applaud you for your use of color.

We need more of it – in every way, shape and form. I propose we stamp out beige forever – we could call it Beige Begone.

Annie Dear lives in Lee’s Summit. Email her at