Pretending doesn't make it so

Annie Dear
The Independent Aussie
Annie Dear

We all remember as children being read stories with moral messages. You know, like the boy who cried wolf – don’t keep carrying on about something that isn’t there, because one day it will be, and nobody will come running.  

There’s a goodie by Hans Christian Andersen, “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” 

A prideful ruler, the emperor quite fancied himself the dandy, and a couple of shyster tailors turned up and convinced him to shell out mucho bucks from the city’s coffers for a suit that was apparently invisible to stupid people. 

“They’re the threads for me,” enthusiastically cried the emperor, and shrugged into his new robes. 

Now the fact that he was prancing around his kingdom stark naked didn’t faze him at all. He, of courses, wasn’t stupid. The clothes therefore had to be visible. Only stupid people would say he was in the buff after all. 

So all the toadies in the kingdom, not wishing to state the bleeding obvious and offend their monarch, bowed and scraped dutifully, telling him what magnificent robes he wore, and it was worth their very hard-earned tithes to bedeck the emperor so splendidly, until a little boy, obviously fed up with the horse feathers around him shouted “but he’s not wearing anything at all!” 

The people of the realm were staggered at the temerity of the child until one by one they admitted they’d been duped and it was the emperor himself who was the fool. 

Sound familiar these days?  

The trillion dollar-plus infrastructure bill actually is only sending $550 million to actual infrastructure but has other bits and pieces, technically under that umbrella, which rather stretches the elastic of belief.  Like a cool $3 billion to achieve “digital equity” which includes ensuring prisoners have high-speed internet. Do you care if the child molester can get online? Not me, pal.  

A whole bunch of dough is going to providing electrical car charging facilities. Lovely. Can anyone of we average Joes truly afford the “average” price of $52,000? Not I, sir. What about the drain on our electric grids as supposedly thousands are rushing out to get these cars whose charging capacity outstrips that of the amperage of a normal household? Oh sure, charge your cars – you didn’t want to heat your house at the same time, did you? Or of course you could update the electrics throughout the house for a mere $15,000 or so I’m told. 

COVID mandates litter the landscape like the mysterious single shoes flung from cars. Get a jab, or else. Mask up, stay at home, nothing works, everything works – all decreed by our very own emperors from behind their local, state and federal desks. 

School board emperors are forcing their staggering policies not only on the children for whom they are supposed to care but on the parents as well. Damn the Constitution, mums and dads, you may not criticize us, for we know better than you. 

Got gnus (sic) for you, emperors. There are more and more of the brave little boys out there who are speaking out and pointing accusatory fingers and demanding to strip bare those emperors who are foisting false narratives, hidden agendas and totalitarian ideas upon us. 

2022 cannot come soon enough for this little boy. 

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