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Annie Dear: Reruns to lower the blood pressure

Staff Writer
The Examiner
The Examiner

Have you ever wondered about the evolution of Facebook videos on your phone?

It’s very obvious Big Brother is hovering, as the moment you watch, oh, let’s say, Scandinavian fishing tips in winter, your video feed is suddenly flooded with herring and tall blond people looking bracingly cold.

Over the years, my feed has contained a fairly eclectic bunch, but with the woes of the day – Covid-19; peaceful protests; riots; BLM; police defunding (evidently, according to a boffin within the City Council in Minneapolis, reporting a burglary is a “privilege”, and therefore there is no need for the boys in blue)….but I digress, you catch my drift.

It’s all far too bloody dreary for words, and I, for one, have frankly had it. I have systematically been hitting “hide video” of bits up with which I am fed, and have been quite intrigued with what has taken the place of the unwanted blahs.

I now, evidently, am totally into “Master Chef.” Well yes, I’ve always liked the show, and now I’m seemingly quite rabid about the whole thing, because I not only get clips from the U.S. show, I get them from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, England and Ireland.

OK, I can live with that. Learning how to make a chocolate sphere the size of a softball might not come in handy too terribly often (read…never), but it’s quite fun to watch and doesn’t hurt anybody, which it seems is my aim. I’m all for it. Bring on the chocolate balls, I say.

Music clips are now coming in, as are funny snippets from old – and I do mean old – game shows. My absolute favorite is of a “Family Feud” back when Richard Dawson was hosting. What a hottie he was. Down to the final round, and our lovely contestant was asked “in what month does a woman show she’s pregnant?”

Quick as a flash, the answer fell out of her mouth: “September.” Well, naturally enough, it took Richard a moment to regain some form of self-composure, and the ensuing laughter was delightfully contagious. I think, if Sir’s memory serves him well, which damnit, it tends to, he recalls the host being unable to finish the show as he was mostly found prostrate on the floor in floods of giggles.

So, I’m starting the get my groove back and am now seeing clips that will amuse me one way or another.

But I do have to ask a quick question. Mr. Zuckerberg, et al at Facebook. How on God’s green earth did I go from way too many politically based feeds, to cooking, music, TV game shows, and …

Bollywood. I mean, really, I just cannot make the connection, no matter how hard I try. I’ve nothing against Bollywood and Indian entertainment in general, and neither do I have anything against somewhat puzzling Arabic clips, puzzling because I neither speak nor read the language. But “relevant” would not be the first word to fall out of this particular mouth within a month of Sundays.

However, it ain’t political and therefore it’s fun stuff. Does the heart a whole lot of good these days. I would recommend giving your feed a tweak or two, so to speak.

Annie Dear lives in Lee’s Summit. Email her at