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Annie Dear: Civility and sense take a holiday

Staff Writer
The Examiner
The Examiner

I’m afraid to say, and I fear I will draw ire out there, that the lunatics have taken over the asylum.

Covid-19 has taken a back seat to peaceful protests being totally buggered up by looters and rioters. Cities and counties are calling for the defunding of the police. PETA is now saying that cow’s milk is a mark of white supremacy.

Say, what? Now, let me get this straight. I’m white. I am superior to nobody. Oh, I can be superlatively funny, I can be supremely witty, but am I better than anyone? No, I’m not. I’m just little old me, going about her business and minding nobody else’s.

I am kind to people; I hold doors open when somebody is entering behind me. I say please and thank you and you’re welcome if someone returns the courtesy. I’m reasonably intelligent, I can think for myself, and I admit to having a very happy and lucky childhood. Don’t make me apologize for it, because I won’t. Am I sorry yours was a bummer? Of course, I am. Do I care what color your skin is; or to which being you pray? Not a whit.

I’m going to be nice to you, and if you’re not nice back, I will live. I may not like you much, but I’m not going to throw a throw a tantrum or fling racial epithets at you. You are just not worth the effort.

Do you remember back in school reading “Fahrenheit 451?” I can’t say it was a barrel of laughs, but its predictive prose is sending chills down my spine even now.

If you’re not familiar with it – and I quote now – “the novel presents a future American society where books are outlawed.” The author, Ray Bradbury, said he wrote it because of his concerns during the McCarthy era about the threat of book burning here in the States. Remember McCarthy? He was the guy charged with halting the march of communism.

And what are we seeing now? Not book burning – I doubt there are enough of us readers left to really worry about. No, we’re seeing celluloid banning. HBO has vowed it will stop screening “Gone with the Wind.” Porky Pig and Yosemite Sam have been disarmed. A network was going to ban the brilliant “Fawlty Towers” episode of “The Germans” but thankfully now has withdrawn the threat.

We’re seeing historical statues defaced or destroyed. Let me give you a little advice: Ignoring history doesn’t make it go away.

It would appear that there are members of our society who in perpetrating these anti-sense, anti-sense-of-humor actions are behaving exactly – to a T – like the totalitarian governments they profess to abhor. Do you see the irony?

Oh, let’s just go back to the ’60s with hippies proclaiming “peace, love and beads,” shall we?

Annie Dear lives in Lee’s Summit. Email her at