Sandy Turner: The pandemic made me do it

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The Examiner

I left the hairdresser feeling good, mentally, mostly because my appointments also serve as a two-hour counseling session.

A woman's hair is a telltale sign of what kind of day she’s having. It can make or break a good conversation and cause men to question their sanity. I continued to ask the hubby for his opinion, knowing full well he’s only going to say what he thinks I want to hear. Trying to figure out which answer will let him off the hook is the problem. It’s a no-win situation for the guy.

I’ve been growing my hair long for quite some time, but because of the menopausal spontaneous combustion at my neckline every hour or so, it's been pulled up into a ponytail or messy bun most of the time. I needed something to change, and it was either a new “do” or new body, and after making a double batch of peanut butter oatmeal cookies, it obviously had to be the hair.

When I asked, “Do you think I need my hair cut/colored/permed?” he knew he couldn’t be honest and answer with a simple “yes” as I’d immediately take offense he was implying my hair didn’t look good anymore.

On the other hand if he said “no” he would be accused of not noticing my hair was in shambles and, if he said “I don’t know” he’ll be charged with not caring.

The questioning process wasn’t needed to make this life-altering decision to cut my hair, but it was enjoyable to watch him search for the right answer. OK, probably not life-altering, but definitely a change. I think the reason we ask the men in our lives for their opinions is because if we ask another woman we might get the truth.

I came home with short hair and bangs no less. I’m fairly certain he’d been practicing what to say when I walked in.

“I think that’s the best haircut you’ve ever had.” And instead of being polite and saying thank you I replied, “So what are you saying – you didn’t like the last one?”

I couldn’t help myself. I’m blaming everything on the pandemic. The weight gain, the haircut and my attitude.

I know the hair lady was trying to make me look sassy but parts of the bangs were hanging over my eye, which doesn’t go well with reading glasses.

Thinking he would deny the challenge, I asked him to give the bangs a trim. He came back with his shaver. When it was all said and done, I thanked him and said, “Now this is the best haircut I’ve ever had.”

It’s a good thing my hair grows fast.

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