Annie Dear: Except for KCI, a lovely trip to the desert

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Annie Dear

Do we all have our beers, glasses of wine or killer margaritas in hand? Popcorn at the ready?

I know I promised you a nice slide night, our having returned from California, but Sir forgot the projector, so I know you’ll all be quite understanding and will still be able to see everything through the power of the written word.

First and foremost, I am thrilled to let you know we didn’t encounter one loony on any of our flights – well, except for the guy in the orange shorts, khaki shirt, multicolored striped knee length socks and green sneakers, but he was very well behaved and buried his head in a book for the duration.

I will continue, however, to pick my bone with Kansas City International Airport. We flew to Palm Springs through Phoenix on the way out, and Dallas on the way back. In those three cities, you could stock up on drinks, you could buy your snacks, books and magazines, which were all quite necessary as to prevent the dreaded virus spreading, No service was offered at all on our flights, which is completely understandable.

In Kansas City, once through the security gate, you couldn’t have bought a thimble of water or a stale goldfish cracker if your life depended on it as there indeed were the concessions, but not a product nor a person to be seen.

I know we’re going to get this supposedly beautiful airport, but you can’t just stop the one we have while we wait for it, because guess what, people are indeed traveling. Lift your game, KCI!

Anyhoo – Palm Springs here we come. What a super little airport that is – I thoroughly recommend it. Lovely palm-lined courtyards, easy baggage collection and car rental, off we went on our Boston Lil adventure.

And now for the slides. Palm Desert is gorgeous. Lush grass, well-tended trees and gardens – it is an absolute treat to behold. 

Drive outside the gated communities, and, well, all I can say is brown.  Sand. Hot. Dry. That pretty much sums up the high desert in California.  There’s a mountain ridge which fits that description as well, until you get close to it and you see it does, in fact, change to green at the top, as in winter. That’s where the snow collects and there’s something to feed the trees.

We had a ball with Boston Lil and Cousin Pamster for three days, visiting the odd “outside eating only” restaurants – as these are not allowed to open inside – and we were blessed with glorious temperatures for our stay where you’ll be thrilled to know I didn’t glow a bit.

Flying back through Dallas, we naturally landed at B1098, to be told our connecting flight was at B1. Well, it seemed that far to us. But we were greeted by a trolly to whiz us through the terminal to our gate, and driven by a very happy, very funny driver who beeped his way vocally through the crowds.

All in all, a great trip, and one which we hope to do again in February for Sir’s birthday.

But, KCI – lift your game!

Annie Dear lives in Lee’s Summit. Email her at