Sandy Turner: Does anyone really know what time it is?

Sandy Turner
Down Home
Sandy Turner

I feel like Judy Jetson but look like Maxwell Smart.  

When my daughter upgraded her Apple Watch, I not so subtly dropped a huge hint I wouldn't mind having one. Sure enough, and soon enough, her "old" one was on my wrist, already programmed, so all I had to do was learn how to use it. 

She made the font as large as possible so it's easier to read than I had expected. I'd seen all these young folks talking into their watch and chuckled to myself, I'd never want to look like the guy on “Get Smart.” Next thing you know I'll be talking into the sole of my shoe. 

Nevertheless, I'm a big fan and don't even know how to use everything the watch offers. The hubs was so intrigued that he bought one for himself. We've been communicating with each other through the walkie-talkie app on the watch. Probably another reason I feel like Max Smart. 

She set up the watch so it continually rotates through pictures of the grandkids with every flick of the wrist, whenever I look for the time, or simply want to see another picture. I'm surprised my wrist isn't sore from twisting up to my face every few minutes. 

Siri has been my go-to person anytime I leave the house, sometimes even when I'm fairly certain I know where I'm going. I've always been directionally dyslexic and having the aid of the woman on the phone, telling me to turn right or left, has shaved off a good chunk of time being lost. She might very well have become one of my best friends. 

To my surprise, the watch vibrates seconds before Siri tells me it's time to turn. It's like having both a front- and back-seat driver. All I need now is a car that drives itself. 

I fought technology for as long as I could, but now I'm all in. The Apple Watch really is the next best thing to sliced bread. It can even calculate how many calories that slice of bread is going to be. It tells me when I've been sitting at the desk too long, how many more laps around the 10 acres I need to walk to complete all my circles (make my activity goal), and I never have to worry about missing a text or phone call. Yes, I have been talking into my watch and it's stupendous! 

You can even wear it in the pool, but I won't, as I'm afraid I won't know how to make it squirt out the water and it will drown. I love this watch so much I'm actually being very careful not to break it, which is a chore in itself.  

I've learned you can use this watch to measure your blood oxygen level. I'm going to pass on this one. I'm sure I'd be checking continuously just to make sure I don't have COVID-19. 

It can also track whether you're getting a good night’s sleep, but that's not going to be possible, since I'm taking it off when I go to bed. 

I'm afraid my snoring would keep Siri awake and I need her to be focused during the day. 

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