Sandy Turner: It’s a race to nowhere

Sandy Turner
Down Home
Sandy Turner

I have 13 car wash tokens in my glovebox. When the machine started spitting them out, I thought they were quarters after it sucked in my $20 bill. 

Who knew the car wash doesn’t give change? I certainly didn’t see a sign saying all change will be in tokens. Not that I don’t plan on washing my car again, I just wasn’t planning on it being anytime soon.  

When I accidentally "misplaced" my debit card, the hubs wanted to know how this could happen. At first, I didn't have an answer, because honestly, it seemed like a ridiculous question. How many people lose their debit card on purpose? After some serious mowing-thinking time I came up with, what I consider, a legitimate reason. 

I told him it's all about being confused, and my mind isn't going in the same direction as I think it should. How can anyone of us think straight at this point?  

We did as they asked and got the vaccines. The side effects were manageable, even though the shingles on the side of my chin, that cropped up after the second shot, didn’t go away for weeks and I spent an entire evening in bed, fully clothed. 

Now we’re being told we could be a super-spreader, as a fully vaccinated rule follower. If that doesn’t cause a person to have brain fog, I’m not sure what will. Take your masks off. Oh wait, now put them back on. The vaccines will work, or maybe they won’t (in rare cases of course, although those numbers are rising). 

COVID-19 itself is causing folks to have memory problems and who knows, maybe the vaccine will too. We took the shot without knowing the side effects, so perhaps it would be better for the scientists not to mention what could happen because if they tell us what might go wrong, it most certainly will. 

Rumor has it this is the super bug they’ve been warning us about. What exactly does this mean? We’re all going to get sick? The media says this is just the beginning. OK, great, now that we’re heading into fall everything is going to go to hell in a handbasket again? How many of us can take another winter of being isolated because of a pandemic?  

Am I losing my mind? Maybe. It could be the beginning of dementia, as I’m always paranoid after caring for Dad and watching him lose his mind. Could it be the two vaccines are giving me more forgetfulness than I remembered having? Who knows if I can’t remember? 

The hubs was happy I recovered the plastic money from the fast-food restaurant. 

Luckily, he is always going in the same direction as I am. And when you have someone you love and trust in the seat next to you, it really doesn't matter if you don't remember where you're going – because they can take the wheel as we outrace COVID-19. 

At least the car will be clean. 

Sandy Turner lives in Independence. Email her at