Diane Mack: Keeping up with family fun on Zoom

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Diane Mack

Just a few months ago, my four sisters and brother started a weekly Zoom.

Oh my goodness, this get-together should be identified as a comedy hour.

For what it’s worth, my siblings’ names are Laura, Judy, Debbie, Lindy and Thad.

Both of our parents are gone and we felt it was time to touch base on a regular basis.

So Thad set up the Zoom.

I think he’s the only one who understands any technology. Poor Thad has to deal with five sisters. Add to it, we are five sisters who know little about Zoom. Some of us have a hard time turning on our computer.

In the past, mom was really our main communicator. We’d speak to her by phone, and she’d pass the info on to the other sibs. Mom never wanted a cell phone. It was too small and too difficult to use – which is kind of like my siblings and Zoom.

Anyway, we held our first Zoom session this year, in May.

On the first, Judy, the comedian sister, came on with her head wrapped in toilet paper. I think it related to the mask order. We all laughed,

Our youngest sister Lindy had her son and daughter-in-law (ripe with baby) living at her Delaware home since New York was a COVID-19 hot spot.

We normally zoomed, when it was 8 p.m. on the East Coast, and 7 p.m. in Missouri. For sister Debbie, who lives in the desert, it’s 5 p.m.

During the Aug. 5 Zoom, I decided to keep a record of our discussion. The question to everyone that night was, “What do you remember about mom, dad, and summers?”

Well, here are my notes:

“Thad went with Daddy to Disney World. While riding on ‘It's a Small World,’ Daddy ran into his WWII Sergeant. Can you imagine?

“Thad said the local paper wrote an article about Daddy and his sergeant’s random meeting.

“We asked who went to an amusement park with Dad or Mom? Nearly, everyone had gone to Hershey Park.

“In the summer, Dad and Mom took us to Maryland’s Red Point beach.  Mom looked good in her ‘58 bathing suit.

“We talked about legs and bathing suits and someone asked who got Daddy's legs?  Mom had very nice legs.

“Thad got Mom's legs and won an award at school because of his nice legs. Most of the girls got Dad's legs.

“Debbie went out on a date with Jim, Judy’s husband’s brother. Someone said Debbie dated everyone's husband. 

“She even dated a famous guy named Steve, who played for a semi-pro basketball team.

“One night after work Laura took Debbie home with her. Debbie saw Laura’s husband Dan running through the woods, barely dressed. Dan wanted to scare Laura. Ha!

“Thad mentioned about a wooden bench which was propped against the bedroom door to keep the room warm. 

“One night, Thad heard the phone ring. There were only two phones in the house, the kitchen and that bedroom. Thad ran to the bedroom to answer the phone.

“He jumped over the bench like a high hurdle and hit his head on the door frame, passing out. We laughed, again.

“We talked about why we had two phone lines. Someone said Thad wanted his own line, because the other line was always tied up with five girls.

“We have four of our kids expecting babies, which total 60 great grandchildren for Mom.

“How happy Mom must be.”

I agree with Michael J. Fox. “Family is not an important thing. It's everything.”

– Diane Mack is coordinator of Putting Families First, Jackson County’s Family Week Foundation. Email her at director@jacksoncountyfamilyweek.org or visit   www.jacksoncountyfamilyweek.org.