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Republicans trying to take away what voters want

To the editor:

Appearing on the November election ballot will be an issue that Missourians passed by an overwhelming majority nearly two years ago called "Clean Missouri." This issue passed with a 62% majority. And the purpose of the issue was to ensure that when new legislative districts are drawn they would be done so with a more evenly distributed method and not favor one party over another.

However our Republican friends in the state legislature see this issue as taking away their "safe districts" that they can focus on and keep their big donors and partisans happy. What they simply don't seem to get is that democracy wasn't designed to work this way. Democracy was designed to be a system of government by and for the people – not by and for the Republican Party in the State of Missouri and their big donors.

So what do our Republican friends in Jefferson City wish to do? Well for one they want to jury rig (actually gerrymander) a scheme that would create a far more partisan configuration than what we've ever had in our state. In other words, they want it all in their favor since they hold a commanding majority in both the House and the Senate.

It really gets worse – they even want to place within this process a method that would limit the people's right to challenge rigged maps in a court of law. Talk about a group of brazen souls – these guys take the cake. Just think, if this plan were to take effect voters would have no allowance to hold any of these brazen souls accountable for any of their actions. Since when is this democracy? Since when is this equal rights under the law? Since when did our Founding Fathers have this kind of governing in mind when they first formed the basis of our Democratic Republic?

This amendment by the way will be known as Amendment 3 and would quickly wind up in the back rooms of demagogues who would be eager to stick it to the people – especially those 62% who voted for Clean Missouri in the first place.

Let's take this a step further. Our meandering souls in Jeff City really want to stick it to the people. They only want to count certain of those who are of voting age and not their children who are also worthy of representation. Now to encourage voters to see it their way they are offering to limit the gifts lawmakers receive by a cup of coffee -- $5 bucks and lowering campaign contributions senators get by $100. Just so they can manipulate the legislative boundaries in their favor forever.

This isn't representation -- this is pure cheating by elected representatives of the people who want to selfishly rule the State of Missouri as they see fit now and forever into the future.

Let's hope by November the voters of the State of Missouri see through this fog for what it is and what it is is nothing but an attempt by our Republican friends to manipulate voting districts in their favor so as to rule as they see fit and not have to worry about their next election results.

Marvin Sands, Independence