An adoption success story

Gisele Gamble Special to The Examiner
Holly and Reuben

Animals Best Friends has placed many dogs throughout the years. Now and then they are lucky enough to get a success story from one of their adoptive families.

The following was received from Rueben and Holly’s family:

The story of Rueben and Holly began 13 years ago when we first met Rueben at an Animals Best Friends adoption event. He was 4 months old, and he caught my daughter's eye. It was love at first sight! Rueben quickly became a loved and treasured member of our family.

It was again my daughter who first noticed Holly on ABF's Facebook page. Her story was difficult to hear.

As a 3-month-old puppy, she had been abandoned, tied to a tree in a remote area with her back legs tied together, left to die alone in the cold with no way of escape. She had a guardian angel who found her that day, and a vet exam revealed she had previously suffered from a severe fracture of her leg.

We decided to see how Holly fit in with our now 13-year-old Rueben, knowing a playful puppy and a senior dog with back and hip problems might be a recipe for disaster. Holly was a 6-month-old, playful, happy puppy with an endless amount of energy. We knew Holly's interaction with Rueben would determine if we could adopt her.

From the beginning, Holly seemed to know Rueben needed a lot of TLC. She is respectful and gentle with him. She is his encourager as she often tries to get him to go outside with her and cuddles with him at night. They have a strong bond and as Rueben's health continues to decline, Holly is a faithful and gentle companion.

Holly made a complete recovery from her leg injury, and the evil inflicted on her doesn't seem to affect her today. We adopted Holly four months ago and she is affectionate and eager to learn new commands. She is a great addition to our family. We are thankful for ABF's care and dedication to the many hopeless and helpless dogs who need homes and especially for the two who are now valued members of our family.