Jackson County restaurant inspections – Grain Valley

The Examiner

The Jackson County Environmental Health Division inspects sites where food is served outside independence and Kansas City. Recent inspection results in Grain Valley include:

Dollar General Store, 105 E. Rock Creek Lane, inspected July 15. No violations found.

TempStop, 723 Main St., inspected July 15. No violations found.

Price Chopper, 1191 N.E. McQuerry Road, inspected July 15. No violations.

Taco Bell, 1101 N. Buckner-Tarsney Road, inspected July 20. 

• Observed pieces of cardboard to separate pre packaged sauces. Corrected on site. Manager replaced cardboard with a corrosion-resistant, nonabsorbent, smoothe material. (metal lids) Corrected on site.

• Observed sticky residue on shelves above the make table. Correct by Sept. 18.

• Establishment was unable to provide valid food handler cards for all employees. Correct within 30 days.

TempStop, 723 Main St., inspected July 21.

• Observed cardboard being used to store bottle beverages in the drive-thru reach-in cooler. Manager discarded the cardboard. Corrected on site.

• Massive black buildup on the gaskets in the biscuit reach-in freezer at the prep station. Correct by Sept. 19.

Valley Speedway – Candy Land, 348 E. Old U.S. 40, inspected July 27.

• No paper towels at hand-washing sink. Correct by Sept. 25.

Sonic Drive-In, 706 N. Main St., inspected July 29.

• Soda nozzles have an accumulation of stuck-on debris. Corrected on site. Employee cleaned and sanitized the soda nozzle.

• Damaged ceiling tiles in storage area. REPEAT. The walls by the mop sink are falling apart and are in disrepair. Correct by Sept. 27.

• There is an excessive amount of grease buildup in between the fryers and the reach-in cooler and on the side of the reach-in cooler. 

• Excessive amount of black buildup on the walls at the mop sink. Correct by Sept. 27.

Price Chopper grocery/dairy/produce, 1191 N.E. McQuerry Road, inspected July 29. No violations found.

El Tequilazo Cocina Y Cantina, 522 S. Main St., inspected July 31. No violations found.

Comfort Inn, 210 N.W. Jefferson St., inspected Aug. 12. No violations found.

Domino’s, 451 N.W. Eagles Parkway., inspected Aug. 18. 

• Observed a paper towel being used as a food contact surface. Corrected on site. Manage discarded paper towel.

• Trash/food debris on the walk-in cooler floor. Correct by Oct. 17.

Grain Valley Marketplace, 1131 N.E. McQuerry Road, inspected Aug. 20.

• Ice machine had accumulation of black buildup on the shield. Corrected on site. Manager was able to clean and sanitize the shield.

• No test strips available to test sanitizer. Correct by Oct. 19.

Price Chopper kitchen/deli/salad bar, 1191 N.E. McQuerry Road, inspected Aug. 25.

• No trash can located for the hand-washing sink in the dishwashing room. Correct by Oct. 24.

• Observed employees’ belongings such as coats and purses stored next to and on food prep areas. Corrected on site. Employees placed all belongings in designated area.

Sushi Avenue, 1191 N.E. McQuerry Road, inspected Aug. 25.

• Observed shrimp and crab meat being stored on napkins in containers in the reach-in cooler. Corrected on site. Employees discarded all napkins.

TempStop, 723 Main St., inspected Aug. 31. No violations found.

America’s Best Value Inn, 105 S. Sunny Lane Drive, inspected Sept. 1. No violations found.

QuikTrip, 1110 N. Buckner-Tarsney Road, inspected Sept. 10. No violations found.