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Independence restaurant inspections

The Examiner

Critical violations during recent restaurant inspections by the city of Independence. Critical violations involve factors that can directly lead to foodborne illness.

Corner Cafe, 4215 S. Little Blue Parkway, inspected Sept. 2. 

• Employee observed with nose piercing

• Utensils found stored in such a manner that the food contact surface was presented instead of the handle. Utensils were sent back to the dish machine

Good Doggie KC, 201 N. Forest Ave., No. 210, inspected Sept. 3.

• Work surfaces were not sanitized before use.

Sterling Apple Market, 11215 E. U.S. 24, inspected Sept. 3. No critical violations.

Jazz A Louisiana Kitchen, 19700 E. Valley View Parkway, inspected Sept. 4.

• Two employees had nose piercings. They were unable to remove piercings on site and were sent home.

• Two employees in the kitchen found with face mask violations. One had no mask and the other was wearing it as a chin guard.

• Half-eaten salad was found on the shelf above prep area on expo line.

• Hand sink on cook line and closet to walk-ins found with a knife in empty sanitizer bucket in basin making the sink inaccessible.

Lion’s Choice, 4049 S. Little Blue Parkway, inspected Sept. 4.

• Observed an employee with their mask below their nose.

On The Border, 19921 E. Jackson Drive, inspected Sept. 8. No critical violations.

Cosentino’s Sunfresh, 18001 E. U.S. 24, inspected Sept.08. No critical violations.

Ranchero’s Mexican Food, 17106 E. U.S. 24, inspected Sept. 9. No critical violations.

Salvatore’s, 12801 E. U.S. 40, inspected Sept. 9. No critical violations.

Wendy’s, 925 W. U.S. 24, inspected Sept. 9.

• Noted no food manager on duty.

IHOP, 20100 Valley View Circle, inspected Sept.11.

• Ceiling tiles above ice maker found badly damaged and water leaking from the roof.

• Broken floor tiles found in front of mop sink. These must be repaired to create a smoothe, washable, non-absorbent surface.

• Peeling paint on wall above the door of walk-in freezer. REPEAT.

Daisy’s Mexican Food, 10802 E. 23rd St., inspected Sept.14.

• Food must be cooled to proper temperature within allowed time. The large pan of ground beef found in the refrigerator at 86.3 degrees F. Beef was removed and placed in shallow pans in ice bath to cool properly. Employees were educated on proper cooling procedures.

Dunkin Donuts, 2400 S. Missouri 291, inspected Sept. 14, Sept. 17 and Sept. 21.

• Kitchen staff was noted not washing hands at proper times.

• Utensils not properly stored between use. Ice scoops found improperly stored in ice.

• Food was not discarded properly when contaminated. Butter tub found stored on top of unprotected tater tots. Multiple fruit flies found on top of donuts. Donut topping found heavily contaminated.

• Sanitized water not available at food-prep area.

• Physical facilities not cleaned as often as necessary. Floors and walls under and behind all equipment found heavily soiled.

• Premises noted not being maintained free of insects, rodents and other pests.

• On Sept. 17, floors under donut display areas found heavily soiled.

• On Sept. 21, no critical violations found.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, 17837 E. U.S. 24, inspected Sept.17. No critical violations found.

Aldi, 11004 E. U.S. 40, inspected Sept. 22.

• Food was not properly discarded when contaminated.

Thai Kitchen, 19321 E. U.S. 40, inspected Sept. 22.

• Kitchen staff noted washing hands in prep sink. Employee was educated on proper hand washing procedures.

Pancho’s Burrito, 11407 E. U.S. 24, inspected Sept. 24.

• Hand washing sinks not supplied with hand cleaning liquid soap. Dispenser at back hand sink found empty.

Culver’s, 4220 S. Little Blue Parkway, inspected Sept. 25. 

• Employees in kitchen observed wearing their masks below their noses and on their chins. Instructed employees to wear their masks properly.

• Individual disposable paper towels not at each hand sink. Dispenser at hand sink closest to fryers found empty.

Hardee’s, 17701 E. U.S. 24, inspected Sept. 25.

• Kitchen staff noted working in kitchen with inappropriate facial piercings. Employee was instructed to remove piercing. Next offense will result in tickets being issued.

Red Robin, 18810 E. U.S. 40, inspected Sept. 25.

• Employee noted with mask below nose. Corrected when asked.