A conversation with Matthew Bolton

Jeff Fox
The Examiner

Matthew Bolton, formerly of Independence and a former columnist for The Examiner, now teaches political science at Pace University in New York. 

He has written several books, the newest of which is “Political Minefields: The Struggle against Automated Killing.” Bolton has worked in many conflict areas around the world, including Afghanistan and Bosnia.

Matthew Bolton, a former Independence resident, author and political science professor at Pace University in New York

Examiner editor Jeff Fox caught up with Bolton via Zoom to discuss his work and his book.

Regarding mine-clearing work in Bosnia, Bolton said: “I found that a really compelling thing to think about in this really material way, that the legacy of the war persisted into the peace and in some ways that was literally true but also figuratively and metaphorically true as well. And so thinking about land mines has helped me to think about these legacies of violence that don’t go away when you sign a peace agreement or end an armed conflict. They continue for quite some time and continue to do harm.”

Watch the entire conversation.