Police chase ends with exchange of gunfire

By The Associated Press

BUFFALO, Mo. (AP) – An extended police chase through several counties ended with the suspect exchanging gunfire with police before he was arrested.

The Greene County Sheriff's office said the chase began around 2 a.m. Saturday in Buffalo, Missouri, when officers tried to arrest a man on outstanding warrants at a convenience store. Officials say the man fired shots at officers and stole a vehicle before ramming into a Buffalo police car and fleeing.

Authorities said the man abandoned the first stolen vehicle and stole a truck before continuing to flee through Dallas and Polk counties. He fired his gun at police during the chase.

At one point in the chase, the suspect forced a Dallas County Sheriff's deputy off the road and also backed into another Buffalo police vehicle.

The chase continued into Greene County, where the tires of the stolen truck were deflated by authorities, but the man then stole a third vehicle.

The suspect fled north back into Dallas County on U.S. Highway 65 before turning east on a state highway and then pulling into a driveway.

At that point, the man exchanged gunfire with deputies from Dallas and Greene counties. He was arrested and taken to a hospital for treatment. No officers were injured.

Authorities did not identify the suspect.