Hair too long for school?

The Examiner

From The Examiner during the week of Nov. 9-14, 1970:

• “SCHOOL-HAIR ROW TO COURT” – A petition filed on behalf of a 12-year-old boy who Fort Osage school officials think has too much hair was filed Thursday in U.S. District Court. The petition asks that the school district be enjoined from prohibiting David Hazlett, a seventh-grader at Fort Osage Junior High School, from attending classes because of his hair length. The petition describes Hazlett as “a normal young boy who on Sept. 29 became 12 years old. His hair is not long by current standards and conforms to Fort Osage school district requirements in all respects except that his hair is not tapered in the back.”

An ad from The Examiner 50 years ago this month.

• “ROLE FOR ‘COPTERS IN WORK AT MALL” – Air conditioners literally will be dropping down from the sky over the Blue Ridge Mall Shopping Center Sunday. Beginning at 8 a.m., 48 air-conditioning units will be brought by helicopter and set in place on the roof at the center, which is now in the final stages of being enclosed.

• “WAR IN VIETNAM IS OVER, AUTHOR TELLS DINNER CLUB” – “To all intents and purposes the war in Vietnam is over,” Grant Butler said Friday night in his talk to the Knife and Fork Club. “The Vietnam War is no civil war, no imperialistic war. Hanoi is in trouble and Nixon’s move into Cambodia was the right thing to do.”

“China since the sixth century has followed the teaching of Confucious, and communism eventually will be overcome, since they cannot exist together.”

Butler, speaker’s bureau director for Pan-American World Airways, is well informed because he had just returned from a two-month tour of Asia.

From The Independence Examiner during the week of Nov. 8-13, 1920: 

• “FOR ARMISTICE DAY” – Armistice Day, November 11, will be generally celebrated tomorrow afternoon as a half holiday. The county and city offices will be closed in the afternoon. The schools will be closed all day. Most of the business houses will be closed in the afternoon. Those barber shops which are under union labor rules will be closed all day. 

The parade under the auspices of the American Legion will start from the Junior High School at 2 o’clock and will last perhaps a half hour. It will end at the east front of the court house, where the distinguished military visitors will be introduced to the crowds.

• “ANOTHER BIG GASSER” – Another big gas well was brought in last night in the Polk Stewart farm two miles north of town. It was more than twice as big as the one reported from there about three weeks ago. 

When lighted the gas burned to a height of twelve feet above the end of the pipe. It lighted up the neighborhood brilliantly and caused quite a crowd of people to assemble with visions of great wealth for the neighborhood.

• “MAN MUST HEED GOD” – Sin and its consequences were clearly depicted by Evangelist J.F. Odom at Watson Memorial Methodist Church last night. Taking as a basis the sins of Belshazzar and God’s message to him, recounted the effects of a rebellious spirit.

Competition is now on among the four wards to see which one can have the largest number of persons present at Sunday School tomorrow morning. At 10:30 the Rev. Mr. Odom will give an illustrated sermon, which is especially for the Sunday School. At 3 o’clock a workers’ conference will be held.

– Compiled by Jeff Fox