After a theft, company steps up to help

By Mike Genet

A large non-profit organization that supports foster and adopted children lost its delivery truck at a time when it’s most needed, after thieves stole the vehicle last week. But a metro area moving company has volunteered to pick up the slack.

The box delivery truck used by FosterAdopt Connect, which is headquartered in Independence, was discovered stolen last Thursday from a storage facility in south Kansas City. A staff member discovered the truck missing when she needed it to move a foster mother who had bought her first home. Fortunately, the truck was empty at the time, said Suze Parker, a representative for FosterAdopt.

The truck is valued at about $30,000, FosterAdopt says, and it’s used year-round for various projects and programs, such as helping foster children who age out of the system and start to live on their own. But it gets the most usage now and in the coming weeks, for collecting and distributing gifts to foster children through the Give Joy campaign.  

After hearing about the group’s plight, a nearby outlet of Two Men And a Truck contacted FosterAdopt and volunteered one or two of its trucks for the holiday season.

FosterAdopt hopes to provide Christmas gifts for 1,400 local children. Without the box truck, moving those gifts undoubtedly would have been a difficult piecemeal effort.

“Constantly; (it is used) all year long,” Parker said. “It’s used for moving clients, but this time of year, it’s specifically used to get all the gifts.”

“Now that need will be met.” 

Founded more than 20 years ago, FosterAdopt Connect helps provide foster and adoptive children a safe family environment through support and advocacy efforts, filling service gaps where needed. The organization estimates more than 3,500 children are in the foster care system in the Kansas City area.

Ultimately, FosterAdopt says it hopes to recover the truck or gather enough donations to buy a new one. Anyone with information about the theft is asked to call FosterAdopt Connect at 816-350-0215.