$1 for 3 months
$1 for 3 months

Many cats need good forever homes

By Gisele Gamble Special to The Examiner

There are nearly 100 million homeless cats in the United States. Some of these are feral cats who live hard lives outside and have short life spans.

Sugar Plum

One thing about cats is that they really are low maintenance. Some cats want to be held and are very loving while others are very independent and do not want much attention.

Animals Best Friends has rescued several litters of kittens in the past few months. One was an adorable bunch of tabbies. Tabby cats are gorgeous cats who have wonderful personalities.


Sugar Plum and Jolly are beautiful 4-month-old female tabbies. These sisters are both extremely sweet.

Sugar Plum loves to cuddle, play ball and play with other cats.

Jolly is very playful and enjoys playing with her caregiver’s feet. She loves to run, jump and play with her toy balls.

Smokey is a lovely 1-year-old female tabby who has beautiful green eyes. She loves to be carried around, doted on and snuggled. Smokey is the first to greet her caregivers at the door.


If you are looking for a cat to join your family and think one of these young cats might be a good fit, please go to our website,, and complete an application.

Animals Best Friends does vet references, home visits and two-week trials to be sure the animal and family are a good fit. If something ever happens so that the animal can no longer stay in the home, ABF will take the animal back.

Please remember to keep your pets inside during this cold weather. Our pets are family, and we need to treat them as such.