Animal rescue group saves a bald eagle in Blue Springs

The Examiner

Tuesday, when the temperature was well below zero, a local animal rescue group received an urgent call about an injured eagle in Blue Springs. Volunteers and staff at Wild Souls Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation in Oak Grove, gathered to help. They found the male eagle in the middle of a field, unable to fly and with injuries to his beak, talon and wing. 

Volunteers with Wild Souls Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation in Oak Grove rescued this bald eagle earlier this week in Blue Springs.

The rescuers gathered, holding blankets and sheets, and carefully surrounded the bird. The eagle used his good talon to grab hold of one of the sheets. Other than that, he did not protest as the humans moved around him to safely put him in a pet carrier.

As the rescuers worked, they noticed that a female eagle, probably the male’s mate, watched from nearby.

The Wild Souls group transported the injured eagle to the Raptor Rehab Project at the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine in Columbia. The eagle was examined and was found to have abrasions on his talons and beak as well as a fracture in his wing. 

The eagle late in the week was said to be resting and stable. It is hoped that he will recover and be returned to the field where his mate is perhaps still nesting.

The Wild Souls team who gathered to help this eagle included Melanie Montgomery, Susan Hughes, Samantha Calvert and April Hoffman.

The Wild Souls hotline for animal rescue is 800 495 8403.

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