Cats in pressing need of new homes

By Gisele Gamble Special to The Examiner

Last week I told you the sad story of six animals that desperately need new homes. Fortunately, two of the animals have been placed. Unfortunately, four of the cats must get new homes before Thursday morning or they will be euthanized.

These cats are over 10 years old. All are spayed or neutered. They all need homes where they can have time to mourn the loss of their lifelong caregiver and get accustomed to a new one.

Socrates is a sweet, friendly boy who is starting to respond to his new caregivers. He is very gentle and will hide when he is scared. Socrates weighs about 20 pounds and is a domestic long-haired gray cat. Socrates needs a home where he can have time to adjust.


Lily is a beautiful gray domestic medium haired cat. She has no front claws. She struggles to use a litter box. This may be due to conditions in the home. We are unsure of her issues. Patience and lots of love usually can help an animal learn at any age.


Mama is a domestic short haired gray and white cat. She also struggles to use a litter box. We do not know much about Mama’s personality. Whoever rescues Mama will need to use lots of patience and love.


Kitkat is a handsome domestic medium haired gray cat with a white streak down his face. Kitkat is a good boy who will make someone a great companion. He needs a home now.


It is heartbreaking that it has been decided to euthanize these cats if they do not get homes. If you can help one or more of these cats or know someone who can, please text 816-503-9752 ASAP.