Independence restaurant inspections

The Examiner

Critical violations during recent restaurant inspections by the city of Independence. Critical violations involve factors that can directly lead to foodborne illness.

Centerpoint Medical Center: 19600 E. 39th St., inspected Feb. 25. 

No critical violations found. 

Non-critical violations: 

• Oven and reach-in cooler exteriors dirty with residue. No “correct by” date.

• Walk-in freezer dirty with litter and debris. Correct by Feb. 25.

• Eggs being stored above ready to eat foods. Correct by Feb. 25.

Natural Grocer: Address not provided, inspected Feb. 23. No violations observed.

Carrabbas Italian Grill: 19900 E. Valley View Parkway, inspected Feb. 19. 

Critical violations:

• Sauces found in walk-in cooler past due date. Corrected. Items were discarded. 

Non-critical violations:

• Hand sink on prep line found with pitcher in basin and hand sink in cook line found with a ladle in basin. Correct by Feb. 19.

• Floor beneath ware washing sink noted with buildup. Correct by Feb. 19.

• Floor of cook line noted with debris. Correct by Feb. 19.

• 18 employees without food handler permits. Correct by Mar. 8.

Subway: 18921 E. Valley View Parkway, inspected Feb. 23. 

Critical violations:

• Pan found in basin of hand sink. No “correct by” date.

• Towel dispenser in back area found to be empty. No “correct by” date.

• Meatballs found in hot well at 104 degrees. Reheat to 165 degrees. Product must be 165 degrees when placed in hot well and held at a minimum of 135 degrees. 

Non-critical violations:

• Towel and soap dispenser at warewashing sink must be functional by March 1.

Lion’s Choice: 4049 Little Blue Parkway, inspected Feb. 19. No critical violations found. 

Non-critical violation:

• Failure to provide valid food handlers’ licenses for employees. Correct by March 5.

QuikTrip: 4005 Little Blue Parkway, inspected Feb. 25. No critical violations found. 

Non-critical violation:

• Two employees without food handler permits. Correct by March 8.

Church’s Chicken: 10610 E. 23rd St., inspected Feb. 22.

Critical violations: 

• No employee on duty had an Independence food manager card. This is a constant issue with this store, and a court summons will be issued for the general manager. Next violation may result in suspension of health permit. Non-critical violations:

• Wire whisk found stored in pitcher of water near the drive-thru. Utensils must never be stored in standing water. No “correct by” date given.

• Health inspection posted is from November 2019. Per city ordinances, the most current report must be posted in customer view. 

QuikTrip: 19010 U.S. 24, inspected Feb. 22.

No critical violations listed.

Non-critical violations:

• Floor in front of soda rack found with syrup. No “correct by” date listed.

• Floor in ware-washing area found dirty. No “correct by” date listed.

Subway: 18009 A. U.S. 24, inspected Feb. 22. No violations observed.

Paula’s Diner: 203 Missouri 291, inspected Feb. 25. 

Critical violations:

• Bottle pump found in base of hand sink. No “correct by” date listed.

• No manager or employee on site has manager permit. This is required by city ordinance. No “correct by” date listed.

•  (Employees’) Beverages, food on shelf next to make cooler without lid and straw.

Non-critical violations:

• Forks and knives found stored so that the food contact surfaces will be grasped. Must be stored with handles out. No “correct by” dates listed.

• Current health inspection not posted. Per city ordinance, the most current inspection must be posted in public view. 

• Five employees must provide valid food handler permit. Correct by March 11.

Las Compas: 18011 E. U.S. 24, inspected Feb. 25. 

Critical violation:

• Paper towel dispenser between the kitchen and ware-washing areas found empty. 

Non-critical violation:

• Three employees must provide health permit. No “correct by date” provided.

Cathay Express: 15411 U.S. 24, inspected Feb. 25.

Critical violation:

• Kitchen staff found without masks. Masks must be worn at all times and must cover both nose and mouth. No “correct by” date provided.

Non-critical violation: 

• Food found on floor beneath shelves in back room and in walkway. No “correct by” date listed.