Support needed Independence school projects

The Examiner

Jim and Jana Waits, Independence

To the editor:

Patrons of the Independence School District have an opportunity on April 6 to approve a $43 million no-tax-increase bond issue to provide improvements touching every student in the district. 

As proud parents of two students who attended ISD K-12, we were extremely pleased with the education and opportunities afforded our children. The quality education they received along with extracurricular activities in sports and music thoroughly prepared them for their chosen paths of college and beyond. The success they are each enjoying today is due in considerable measure to their early education in the ISD. The sound management, faithful stewardship of funds and visionary planning by the board and administration have made possible the consistent quality education throughout the years. Jana served 12 years on the Board of Education to know firsthand the care and time invested in the students of the ISD.

As we have watched school districts around the state and nation this past year struggle to find a way to keep kids in school, we are thankful for and proud of our ISD. True to past performance, the ISD was the leader across our area in continuing to serve and support students, staff and families throughout the pandemic.

It was our privilege to work to help pass the last bond issue for the ISD. We are proud to say our district accomplished every one of the projects promised plus extra projects because of careful planning and stewardship of the funds. This bond focuses on three key areas including safety and security, performing arts and playgrounds. These are needs, not wants, with the projects identified by patrons, parents, students, teachers and community members. 

We are life-long residents of Independence, graduates of Van Horn High School and actively involved in our community. We are blessed to live in a community and school district that care deeply about the children we are raising. Please join us in voting YES on April 6 to show our community supports our schools. Thank you!