Students step up with a recycling plan

The Examiner

From The Examiner during the week of March 8-13, 1971:

• “STUDENTS PURCHASE RAIL CAR FOR ECOLOGY LIBRARY” – An ecology library and a center for recycling paper, glass, and metal will soon blossom in the Inter City area in the last railroad car belonging to the Heart of American Railway Museum. During brief ceremonies Monday, a check for $200 from the two Van Horn High School ecology clubs was turned over to Mrs. Mitzi Overman, president of the Fairmount Commercial Club. 

An Examiner ad from 50 years ago this week.

The Van Horn ecology clubs, which also include an ecology club from Nowlin Junior High, plan to pay for restoring the car with funds they hope to earn in an auction on April 23 and 24. 

“An Earth Day auction will be held on these two says during Earth Week,” said Daniel Sherman, Van Horn instructor, “with proceeds going to restore the train and purchasing environmental books, and periodicals to supplement the collection in the library.”

“GOV. HEARNES TO ATTEND ANNIVERSARY STAMP FETE” – Gov. Warren E. Hearnes has a firm commitment that he will be present for the ceremony at the Truman Library here May 8, the first day issue of the Missouri sesquicentennial commemorative stamp. May 8 is the 87th birthday of former President Harry S Truman. Postmaster Edgar G. Hinde Jr. said his office has already received requests for 30,000 first day cover stamps.

“R-1 OKs BONDS TO BUILD FIRST PHASE OF SCHOOL” – By one of the highest percentages ever, Fort Osage School District patrons approved Tuesday a $500,000 bond issue which would go for construction of the first phase of a new junior high school. Completion of the school, to be built east of the present school complex at U.S. 24 and Missouri-7, is hoped for in time for the beginning of the 1972-73 school year.

From The Independence Examiner during the week of March 7-12, 1921:

“SCHOOL DISTRICT SAVES $375” – By means of good financing on the part of A.M. Ott, treasurer of the Board of Education, Independence school district has just saved $375. There being a considerable sum in the sinking fund which would not be actually needed for some time, Mr. Ott suggested that the board buy up some of the William Chrisman High School bonds. Those bonds are not actually required to be paid before 1936, but it was suggested that as the district was in a position to redeem them now it would save considerably by doing so.

“TO HANDLE CHAIN GANG.” – The county court today approved the men to have charge of the new chain gang, which is to be composed of county prisoners now in the county jail in Kansas City. A large number of these prisoners, who are able-bodied, are to be brought to this city next Monday and kept here in the old county jail on North Main Street at night. During the day they will be worked on county roads.

“THE LAW OF GOD” (an editorial) – Every thoughtful person should read the interview recently secured from Cardinal Gibbons by Bruce Barton and printed in the March number of The American magazine. Out of a wealth of experience, through a long life of opportunity the Great American Cardinal utters words of wisdom directed especially to the young men. He tells them to expect great things. To expect great things for themselves and for their country. The heart of the interview is probably contained in the following paragraph:

“The law of God is the law of thrift; and no man transgresses that law, either in his personal or business affairs, without incurring a penalty. I have seen millionaires, whose wealth seemed without limit, caught and made paupers in a period of business reaction. They had lived too lavishly, and reached out in their greed too far. And I have seen comparatively poor men, who had saved their money, take advantage of just such periods to invest in independence. Waste nothing, as nature wastes nothing. Expect some bad years, as nature expects them, and provides for them by other years of abundance. Count on the routine effort of year after year, as nature counts on the unending and unchanging procession of the seasons. This, and not luck, or the rich fruits of speculation, is the real secret of success.”

– Compiled by Jeff Fox