Hard feelings, a chance encounter and a killing

By Mike Genet mike.genet@examiner.net
The Examiner

A chance encounter Tuesday evening at an Independence QuikTrip between two feuding men from Blue Springs led to one fatally shooting the other. 

Anthony Pasquale, 20, was charged Thursday by Jackson County prosecutors with second-degree murder and armed criminal shooting in the death of Xavier Plotner, 18, of Blue Springs. The shooting happened at 7:51 p.m. Tuesday at the QuikTrip convenience store off U.S. 24 near Missouri 291, after both pulled up to adjacent gas pumps.

According to court documents, video surveillance showed some identifying traits for a car that later checked back to Pasquale, and the debit card used to pay for gas at the shooter’s pump came back to Pasquale. Plotner pulled up to a pump as Pasquale pumped gas, and Pasquale retrieved something from his car and put his hand on Plotner’s car. Plotner got out, started swinging his fists and Pasquale then was seen running toward the store as Pasquale pointed a gun toward him. Plotner ran face first into the door and collapsed. 

Police later found a gun in the center console of Plotner’s car.

About 9 p.m., an Independence Police officer noticed the suspect car, which checked back to a Pasquale family business. The officer stopped it. The driver, who had misdemeanor warrants, was later identified as Pasquale’s cousin. He told police Pasquale came to his home in a “panic mode” with tears in his eyes, saying he’d “(messed) up” and needed a change of clothes. Police later found the clothes Pasquale wore during the shooting in the cousin’s bedroom.

According to court documents, that cousin called another cousin to come and take Pasquale to a girlfriend’s house, as the first cousin drove Pasquale’s car. The second cousin, with Pasquale as a passenger, had been trailing when police pulled over the first cousin. Another officer later pulled over the second cousin’s car but couldn’t verify Pasquale’s possible involvement in the shooting at the time.

According to court documents, Pasquale’s girlfriend, who Pasquale visited briefly after the shooting, said he told her he’d encountered Plotner at the gas station, Plotner hit him and Pasquale shot him and left. The girlfriend said Pasquale’s friend “Jaden” had been shot in Blue Springs some time earlier, and Plotner had been telling Pasquale that Plotner stomped on Jaden’s head after he died. She said Plotner had also threatened to kill Pasquale, and Pasquale carried a gun because he was afraid someone would try to kill him. The girlfriend said she advised Pasquale to turn himself in, which he said he would do.

In November 2018, 17-year-old Jayden Lockett died from a shooting in a Blue Springs home, reportedly in an botched drug robbery involving other teens. 

Pasquale, accompanied by his father and attorney, turned himself in to police Wednesday morning, and told detectives, “I am sorry.”

Prosecutors requested a $150,000 bond for Pasquale.