Have your pet spayed or neutered

By Gisele Gamble
Special to The Examiner

Spring is here, and this means it will be raining kittens and puppies. An unaltered female dog can product 16 puppies in one year; 512 puppies in three years; and 67,000 puppies in six years. An unaltered female cat can produce 12 kittens in one year; 376 kittens in three years; and 66,088 kittens in six years. Therefore, spaying or neutering your pet is so especially important.

Spayed females are healthier. By being spayed, female animals avoid mammary cancer. They do not have to deal with the discomfort and mess of being in heat. Spayed females also avoid uterine and ovary infections.

Neutered males are healthier as well. They avoid testicular cancer and are less likely to be aggressive or run away. Males that are neutered also have a lower risk of being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Spayed or neutered animals live much longer than those who are not altered. Spaying or neutering animals cuts down on the number of homeless animals living on the streets or in shelters. Thousands of homeless animals needlessly die each year just because they have nowhere to go. This reflects who we are as a society.

If the cost of spaying or neutering is an issue, several resources are available to you.

Animals Best Friends has a community outreach program to help people with the cost of spaying and neutering. Call 816-254-8664.

There are several other places where reasonable spay-and-neuter services are available:

• Somerset Animal Hospital, www.somerset-ah.com, 913-341-9191.

• Humane Society of Greater KC, hsgkc.org/clinic_spayneuter.html, 913-596-1000.

• Petresource Center of KC, prckc.org, 816-353-0940.

• Independence Animal Hospital, 816-254-4282.

• Chipman Road Animal Clinic, chipmanroadanimalclinic.com, 816-254-1886.

• No More Homeless Pets KC, 816-333-7387.

Please spay or neuter your pet if you have not done so. It is so important to alter your animals to prevent unwanted litters and save lives.

Animals Best Friends is based in Independence.