New high-rise for seniors

The Examiner

From The Examiner during the week of March 29 to April 3, 1971:

“HOUSING AUTHORITY TAKES OVER ‘PLEASANT HEIGHTS’” – In a formal transaction today, the new $3 million eight-story public housing project for the elderly was turned over to the Housing Authority of the City of Independence by the builders, Andes & Roberts. The property transaction took place at 9 a.m. in the new administrative offices of the high-rise apartment, known as Pleasant Heights, 210 S. Pleasant. The American flag was hoisted on the flagpole in front of the apartment as soon as the deal was consummated.

A century ago in Independence, civil leaders – and some merchants – promoted an early spring effort to clean up the city.

“LOCAL MERCHANTS OPPOSE SALES TAX” – A poll of local merchants indicates they are overwhelmingly opposed to the proposed one per cent sales tax in Independence. The Examiner conducted a random telephone poll of 30 local business owners or managers of local retail operations. The businesses ranged from pet shops to the larger department stores and auto agencies.

Of the 30 owners or managers contacted, 19 were opposed to the proposed tax, three were in favor, four said they were undecided or neutral, and four refused to comment. Many reasons were given for opposing the tax, but the most prevalent was the fear that the increased tax would drive shoppers and potential businesses from the city. One woman store owner said she was considering moving her business to Kansas City if the tax passes.

From The Independence Examiner during the week of March 28 to April 1, 1921:

“WOMEN FOR CITY COUNCIL.” – At a meeting Thursday afternoon, women of Blue Springs nominated Mrs. T.H. Torpey councilwoman for the first ward, Mrs. Frank Cummins councilwoman for the second ward, Mrs. W.E. Whitsett and Mrs. R.J. Lowe, school directors. The women are pledged to better school conditions and the beautifying of Blue Springs.

Blue Springs needs a new school building, the present one built twelve years ago, is of cheap construction and is inadequate to present needs.

Last year the board received no applications for the position of superintendent and was obliged to “draft” the Rev. A.B. Jackson, pastor of the Methodist church of Blue Springs. The school was unable to obtain a Latin teacher, and pupils were obliged to go other places in order not to lose out in their high school grades.

“CONNECT TWO COUNTIES.” – The county court after its meeting yesterday morning went to look at a proposed road from Courtney to the river. After looking the situation over, the court ordered Leo Koehler, county highway engineer, to estimate the expense of making the road.

The proposition has been before the court several times before. Part of the road has been made. Less than a mile remains to be graded. The object of making the road is to open a way from Courtney to the river so that a ferry may be put in at that point. Liberty is building a road down to the river to meet the ferry.

The road would not only give a route from Kansas City and Independence to Liberty and Excelsior Springs for tourists but it would give an opening for several thousand acres of good farming and truck land in the bottom on this side of the river that is not now available on account of having no good road over which the products grown on it can be moved. The road also would give truck farmers on the other side of the river a more direct route to market. The only way they can now get into the city is to go over the Armour, Swift, Burlington bridge or go to the ferry at Sibley, twenty-five miles below Courtney.

“WINNER RAILWAY PLAN” – Willard E. Winner, the man who built the electric line between Independence and Kansas City, who built the Armour-Swift bridge across the river at Kansas City and who is now building an electric line from Kansas City by way of Leeds to Lee’s Summit, wants to build an electric line by way of Independence and Sugar Creek from his Leeds road to cross the river on a new bridge and reach Liberty. 

Mr. Winner appeared before the Forum of the Chamber of Commerce and explained his plan and those present endorsed the proposition. His plan is to have twenty citizens of Independence form a corporation, each one to take $100 stock and get behind the proposition.

– Compiled by Jeff Fox