One arrested after parking lot shooting

By The Examiner staff

A scuffle involving extended family members at an Independence Walmart led to shots fired in the parking lot Saturday night. One person was arrested. 

The disturbance happened shortly before 10 p.m.  at the Walmart at 4000 S. Bolger Road near Missouri 291. Police say two small groups from the same extended family started arguing after spotting each other in the store, and after the confrontation became physical one person brought a handgun inside. After everyone went outside, the person pointed a gun toward the ground and another person got a gun out of a car and fired a couple of shots into the air.  

An off-duty officer working security at the store saw the altercation on video and with other officers broke up the fight, a police spokesperson said, and officers recovered two handguns and shell casingse.  

Police said a couple people suffered injuries from the fight, but no person got shot.