Grand plans for local shopping

The Examiner

From The Examiner during the week of April 19-24, 1971: 

“PROPOSED PLAZA EXCITES BLUE SPRINGS OFFICIALS” – “It’s something we have needed here for a long time,” Mayor Dale Baumgardner said of Jackson Plaza (or Metro East), a new-type “city within a city” shopping center proposed on 73 acres at Missouri-7 and R.D. Mize Road. Work is expected to start later this year on early next year on the unique “tree-dotted, babbling-brook" type of center, designed to be unlike any other shopping mart in the area. 

An ad from The Examiner 50 years ago this week.

There will be one million square feet of shopping space in a new-concept building expected to be two to three stories high. The edifice will include a sky-lighted open area in the center with walkway bridges connecting the shops and running water simulating a European city atmosphere. 

“VENTURE STORE TO BUILD HERE” – A large department store covering nearly four acres and including among its features a supermarket, a restaurant, a pharmacy and filling station, will be constructed at Noland Road and I-70, according to an announcement by Venture Stores, Inc., a new division of the May Department Stores Co. Items carried by the store will include clothes, household articles, small electric appliances, domestics, health and beauty aids, records, jewelry, wigs, fashion accessories, yard goods, notions, card, candy, lawn and garden supplies, hardware, paint, sporting goods, cameras, televisions, stereos, games, toys, craft and hobby items. 

From The Independence Examiner during the week of April 18-23, 1921: 

“FOR SCHOOL CAFETERIAS” – The Parent-Teacher association of the Bryant school has been conducting a cafeteria for its boys and girls, since the second week in January. It expects to continue doing so, throughout the school year. About two weeks ago when the children were weighed, a far less number was reported underweight than at any time before.  

A hot lunch has been served to the children each day, at ten cents per meal. Mrs. Fred Koehler, chairman of the Home Economics department for the school, hopes at some future time to see a well-equipped cafeteria in every school in town. 

 “BIGGEST VERDICT HERE” – A verdict for $68,958.46 in favor of the Wilson Packing company of Kansas City against the Hartford Insurance company was rendered by a jury in the Independence division of the circuit court, before Judge Willard P. Hall. According to N.P. Shore, chief deputy in the circuit clerk’s office, it probably is the largest verdict ever awarded here.  

The suit was over some cattle that the packing company lost in the big stockyards fire in Kansas City, Kans., in October, 1917, in which Wilson company lost a large number of cattle. The insurance company held that Wilson has their stock covered by other insurance and it was over this point the trouble came. The verdict was for the full amount sued for. 

“DAYLIGHT SAVING PLAN AGAIN” – Kansas City is talking about the so called “Daylight Saving.” This means that the council will pass an ordinance providing that on a certain date all the clocks in Kansas City shall be set forward one hour, this reckoning of time to continue until some agreed-upon date in the fall. Chicago did this last summer and must have liked it because the same plan will be followed again this year. The railroads will not change time and if Kansas City sets up her clocks the railroad time will be one hour behind. 

If Kansas City adopts this system for the summer Independence will have to follow suit or be embarrassed in many ways. We are part of Kansas City as far as business is concerned. It is not obligatory that we should follow suit in the matter of clocks, it is a matter of convenience and what we want to do. 

The Examiner does not foment discussions, but we would like to have expressions from interested citizens on the subject for publication. 

– Compiled by Jeff Fox