New pharmacy looks for its niche

By Bill Althaus
The Examiner

When was the last time you walked into a pharmacy and were greeted by your first name and asked, “How’s your family doing?”

That will become a regular occurrence at Crosetti Health and Wellness Pharmacy, 510 S. Main Street in downtown Grain Valley.

It is the dream of Dr. Sean Crosetti, a phamacist; and Michelle Steele Crosetti, the pharmacy's business manager. Formerly married, these two decided to open the Grain Valley pharmacy as a joint business venture.

'There is a definite need for a pharmacy in Grain Valley,' said Dr. Sean Crosetti, co-owner of Crosetti Health and Wellness Pharmacy. 'I chose to become a pharmacist over being a physician because there would be no time constraints. I can meet with my customers when it is convenient for them.'

Sean Crosetti is a Grain Valley resident who earned a master's of business administration degree and worked in the mutual fund industry for 20 years.

“But I soon found out that was not what I wanted to do,” Crosetti said. “I wanted to help people, and I wanted to help people here in Grain Valley.”

Crosetti’s father and mother worked in health care. His father was a dentist for the Veteran’s Administration, and his mother worked in hospital administration for the VA.

“Dad was a practitioner and Mom was in administration, so I came to understand both sides of health care. And it certainly made for some lively dinner conversations growing up. And both my parents cared about people, and so do I.”

Crosetti graduated from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Pharmacy in 2014 and spent five years as the pharmacy director at Lafayette Regional Health Center in Lexington, Mo.

That’s where the seeds were planted, the seeds that helped develop his love of owning a pharmacy in a small-town setting like Grain Valley.

He had worked at Hil’s Pharmacy in Grain Valley before it closed and knew that there was a need for his vision. Now, he had to make it a reality.

“Everyone I met at Hil’s was so friendly – they talked about the school district and took time to talk about this community and I knew this was where I wanted to open my own pharmacy,” Crosetti explained.

So he began talking to movers and the shakers in the community and discovered they were as excited about making his dream a reality and he was.

“I visited with members of the city government, and they told me they wanted to develop this community, they wanted to bring new business to downtown, and that got me excited,” he said.

“There is a definite need for a pharmacy in Grain Valley. I chose to become a pharmacist over being a physician because there would be no time constraints. I can meet with my customers when it is convenient for them.”

At a recent open house, Allen Lefko, the chairman of the board of the Bank of Grain Valley praised the new business.

“This is just unbelievable,” Lefko said. “It has that nice hometown feel, but they offer everything. And you can tell that Dr. Crosetti is in this for the right reason – to help people in his community.”

Crosetti’s mission is simple.

“We want to become the leader for pharmacy care by partnering with our patients, physicians and other care providers, ensuring complete and whole health management,” he said. “And we are looking forward to meeting everyone in our community to let them know everything we offer.”

One program that makes Crosetti Health and Wellness stand out is its lactation support products and counseling.

“I know from experience the stress a mother can go through after having a child and the learning curve for a new mother,” said Steele Crosetti, the mother of three children.

“For a while, the only place you could find lactation supplies was at Toys R Us or Babies R Us and they have closed. You can buy products online, but you may not know how to hook up your pump or what type of products like tubing or a breast shield to buy.

“We have a working relationship with Centerpoint Medical Center. I am a lactation consultant, so I can offer help or counseling for a mother who has all sorts of different questions. And we have a certified lactation consultant on call.”

The layout of the new pharmacy lends itself to one-on-one counseling with private offices that can be used for a variety of activities.

The pharmacy also offers packaged breast milk called Ni-Q.

"We are the first non-hospital retailer in the nation for this product," she said. "And we are proud to offer a shelf-stable, human breast milk option for those who need it."

Another unique aspect of the pharmacy is its relationship with Centerpoint and St. Luke’s Hospital that allows for a breast milk donation program.

“We want to create a real connection with all our customers,” Steele Crosetti said. “We provide a real person, a familiar face, who can answer you questions and provide the type of comfort that comes from realizing we’re here to help – 24/7.”