Jackson County drops outdoor mask rule

By The Examiner staff

Jackson County has changed its public health guidelines to reflect the CDC’s latest recommendation, including no masks required outdoors in public settings. 

The revised guidelines take effect Friday after midnight. They include: 

• Masking and social distancing are not required outdoors, though masking is recommended with medium to large gatherings. 

• All people, including those who are vaccinated, must still wear masks in public indoor settings. 

• Small gatherings of fully vaccinated people, both indoor and outdoor, are permitted with no restrictions, though large gatherings are still discouraged. 

• Social distancing is not required indoors but recommended wherever possible. 

County Executive Frank White and Health Department Director Bridgette Shaffer continue to stress vigilance to guard against the virus. 

“The COVID-19 vaccines offer hope, but we are not out of the pandemic yet,” Shaffer said in a release. “We must continue to wear masks, avoid crowds, get tested when sick and get vaccinated." 

Both Jackson County and the city of Independence have lifted many capacity restrictions in recent weeks. 

In Independence, entertainment and recreation facilities for large gatherings – 300 or more – must limit capacity enough to maintain 6 feet social distancing between patrons or groups. Masks are still required in public indoor settings.  

The city is to revisit its public health order next week as regularly scheduled.