Blue Springs restaurant inspections

The Examiner

The Jackson County Environmental Health Division inspects sites where food is served outside independence and Kansas City. Recent inspection results in Blue Springs include the following: 

McDonald’s: 3116 S.W. Missouri 7, inspected April 27. No violations found. 

Casey’s General Store: 2424 S.W. Missouri 7, inspected April 29. No violations found. 

Cosentino’s PC Kitchen/Salad Bar/Smoked Meats: 1305 N. Missouri 7, inspected April 30. No violations found. 

Robert Bellarmine Catholic Church: 4313 S.W. Missouri 7, inspected April 26. No violations found. 

Hy-Vee Gas: 629 S.W. U.S. 40, inspected April 26. 

• Observed trash debris in cabinets. Correct by June 25. 

Subway: 600 N. Missouri 7, inspected April 26. 

• Racks in walk-in cooler had buildup of dust. 

• In-use utensils being kept in sanitizer water. Corrected on site. Manager removed knives. 

• Noticed two containers of sanitizer kept near the food prep area. 

Casa Mexico: 1414 N.W. Missouri 7, inspected May 3. 

• Thermometer missing in the salsa reach-in cooler.   

• Floors underneath the make ready table had a large food residue. 

• Plastic tray with cups and salt and pepper sitting on them had buildup of food residue. 

• Dead roaches were in the cabinet, on the floor, in food plates. 

• The vent hood in the kitchen large had large grease buildup. 

All violations to be corrected by June 25. 

Culver’s: 1301 S.W. Missouri 7, inspected April 27.  

• Observed frozen liquid along the wall and pipe behind the fans in the walk-in freezer.   

• Under the cabinets at the self-service beverage station was a buildup of sticky residue. Observed sticky residue on the outside of clean dishes on dish shelf. Observed greenish buildup on the back under hang of the drink station located in the lobby.   

• Observed vents by the ice cream machine and office with accumulation of dust buildup.  Observed buildup in the floor drains under the sink area.   

All violations to be corrected by June 26. 

Blue Springs School District food truck: 1801 N.W. Vesper, inspected April 28. No violations found. 

Novel Place: 1001 S.W. Missouri 7, inspected April 30. 

• Hand-washing signs were not located at hand sinks in the serving and drink area. Inspector provided signs and manager poster. Corrected on site. 

• Observed containers such as cooked beef and cooked noodles in coolers without date marks. Corrected on site. Manager marked containers with correct dates. 

• Observed a box of onions with fuzzy white buildup. Onions discarded. 

• Temperature device missing from display cooler and refrigerator located in front.  

• Observed unlabeled chemical bottles. Corrected. All bottles were labeled on site. 

All violations to be corrected by June 29. 

Subway: 1240 N.W. Woods Chapel Road, inspected April 30. 

• Observed buildup in the floor drain under the sink. REPEAT. Correct by June 29. 

Water’s Edge: 960 S.W. 37th St., inspected April 30. 

• Observed buildup on gaskets to the reach-in cooler under the grill. 

• Observed chemical bottles not labeled. Corrected on site. All bottles were marked with their common name. 

• Observed containers of cooked chicken, taco meat stored in the cooler with no dates. Corrected on site. Manager placed correct prep and discard dates on all products. 

Side Pockets: 1237 S. Missouri 7, inspected May 3. 

• Observed accumulation of buildup in the beer tap nozzles. Corrected. Cleaned on site. 

• Observed a bucket stored in ice machine. Corrected on site. Bucket was removed and placed on top in clean location. 

• Observed a bottle of toxin not labeled with a common name. Corrected on site. Bottle was labeled. 

• Observed light in walk-in freezer hanging by wire without a cover.  

• Observed mot sink faucet leaking. 

• Observed accumulation of debris in the floor drains at the bar area. REPEAT. 

• Food handlers not provided for multiple employees. Correct by June 1. 

All violations (with the exception of food handler permits) must be corrected by July 2. 

Dirty Harry’s Pub, 3100 S.W. Missouri 7, inspected May 3. 

• Observed the accumulation of buildup on the outside of the dishwasher. Observed food debris in gaskets to reach-in cooler. Observed buildup of food debris on the shelving next to prep table. REPEAT. 

• Observed scoop handle touching flour in container. Corrected on site. Scoop was removed. 

•Observed buildup on fans in the walk-in cooler. Observed black buildup in floor drains. REPEAT. 

All violations to be corrected by July 2. 

Panda Express: 525 N.E. Coronado Drive, inspected May 4. No violations found. 

Yogurtini: 1122 N.E. Coronado Drive, inspected May 4. No violations found. 

QuikTrip: 1301 N.W. Woods Chapel Road, inspected May 5. 

• Observed debris and buildup under the ice machine and under shelving in the soda boxes. REPEAT. Violation must be corrected by July 3. 

Rainbow Center for Communicative Disorders: 900 N.W. Woods Chapel Road. 

• Observed buildup in microwave. Corrected. Cleaned on site. 

Jack in the Box: 808 N. Missouri 7, inspected May 11. 

• Door gasket torn on the reach-in cooler near the fryer. 

• Noticed that the to-go containers were turned upright. Noticed a box of straws being kept on the floor. 

• Microwave had a large food residue buildup. Corrected on site. 

• Noticed the clean dishes stack wet. REPEAT. 

• Ice buildup in the reach-in freezer next to the fryer. Repeat. 

• Noticed pre-made Canadian bacon with cheese and pre-made potato skins date for April 11 and April 12 past the discard date. Food was discarded in the trash bin. REPEAT. RE-INSPECTION will be done on MAy 11, and a fee of $105 will be due on the re-inspection date. 

All violations, except for foods past discard date, to be corrected by July 5.