Area man charged in Independence double homicide

By The Examiner staff

A Higginsville man who faces double-murder charges said he fired until his handgun was empty when he shot a man and woman Sunday morning in northwest Independence, but that he didn’t know the woman was in the car. 

Jackson County prosecutors on Thursday charged Steven Turner, 44, with two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of armed criminal action in the deaths of Billy Davis and Ashley Walker. The two victims were found in an SUV after the vehicle crashed into a parked car about 6:30 a.m. Sunday near Lexington and Ash avenues in the Fairmount neighborhood. The vehicle had shattered windows and several bullet holes. Police soon determined the victims had been shot outside Walker’s home about one block north. 

According to court documents, two children near that home said a man called “Stevie” was seen running from the scene after several shots were fired. Another woman who knew Davis and was related to Walker said she also knew Turner and that Turner had shot at Davis two prior times. Police learned that shell casings found at the shooting scene matched shell casings from five other incidents in Kansas City over the past two years. 

Turner was arrested Wednesday at a midtown Kansas City apartment. A woman who said she was Walker’s sister and had been dating Turner said she thought a different man who kidnapped her had shot Davis and Walker. Turner said that man told him to kill Davis or certain other people would be killed. Turner learned Davis was at Walker’s home, went there Sunday morning and saw Davis in the SUV. He said his gun held 17 bullets and he fired them all, but he didn’t know Walker had also been in the SUV until a friend told him. 

Prosecutors requested a $300,000 bond.