Killer with 'body count' tattoo headed to prison

By The Examiner staff

A Blue Springs man whose facial tattoo for a reported “body count” helped a witness identify him has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for a March 2019 fatal shooting in Kansas City. 

Jonathan Lowrey

Jonathan Lowrey, 27, pleaded guilty in February in Jackson County Circuit Court to second-degree murder, armed criminal action, tampering with a motor vehicle in the shooting death of Joseph Corum, as well as burglary from a separate case. He was sentenced Friday to 25, 20, 7 and 7 years for the respective charges, with all sentences running concurrently. 

The shooting happened outside an east Kansas City home. According to court documents, one woman told police she heard Corum yelling outside, then heard two gunshots with the victim yelling “Ow!” in between and then a loud vehicle driving away. Another witness said he saw the two men arguing and saw the person later ID’d as Lowrey take a long gun out of a van, shoot Corum three times and then drive away. 

A third witness provided a photo from her surveillance system showing Lowrey in a minivan, showed texts Lowrey had sent that led her to believe he was involved in the murder and said Lowrey had five tally marks on his face to indicate a “body count.” When Lowrey was arrested after police tracked his cell phone, a detective noted his face now had six tally marks under his eye. The van he had driven was found abandoned earlier and determined to be stolen. In addition, DNA taken from shell casings recovered at the crime scene matched Lowrey.