Twenty-year sentence in Independence crash that took four lives

By The Examiner staff

A Kansas City woman will spend 20 years in prison who, while fleeing Independence police, caused a crash that killed four people. 

Victoria Brown, 27, pleaded guilty Thursday to four counts of second-degree murder stemming from the June 2018 fatal collision at 23rd Street and Television Place, just east of Interstate 435. A judge issued four 20-year sentences, to run concurrently. 

Victoria M. Brown

According to court documents, on the afternoon of June 1 that year Brown was driving a blue Jeep that Independence Police recognized as reported stolen the day before. When she fled police at high speed on westbound 23rd Street out of Independence, she crashed into a Dodge Avenger turning left from eastbound 23rd onto Television Place. The impact sent the Dodge into a ditch, where it came to rest upside-down. 

Anthony Belton, 24; Aaron Daniel, 29; and Shawn Johnson, 30 were in the Dodge and died – two of them at the scene and one later at a hospital.  

Brown’s front-seat passenger, 27-year-old Amanda Perry, also died at the scene. 

Brown, another Dodge passenger and two other Jeep passengers were injured. 

According to court documents, IPD officers first noticed the Jeep at 23rd Street and Hardy Avenue in western Independence, then got behind the vehicle about a block later when it ran a stop sign. A license plate check came back for a different vehicle. Brown then turned the Jeep north toward 23rd and started to speed away in a neighborhood street before officers turned on their lights. 

Brown then drove the Jeep over the stone median and turned west onto 23rd, pulling away from police even as officers drove 90 mph. 

Officers then lost sight of the Jeep as it drove around the bend east of Television Place, and after driving around that same bend, came upon the crash scene. The chase lasted not even a minute, police said.