Jackson County restaurant inspections – Blue Springs

The Examiner

The Jackson County Environmental Health Division inspects sites where food is served outside independence and Kansas City. Recent inspection results in Blue Springs include: 

Back Yard Burgers: 1900 N.W. Missouri 7, inspected June 1. 

• Noticed the racks in the walk-in cooler had black residue. Vent fan in the walk-in had black buildup. Warmer for the French fries had a large buildup of food residue on top on the warmer. Correct by July 31. 

• Noticed the door gasket on the reach-in freezer was torn and had white tape on the gasket. Correct by July 31. 

54th Street Grill and Bar: 1307 S.W. Missouri 7, inspected June 1. 

• Observed black buildup under equipment in the dish area and along floor baseboards. Observed dust on ceiling vents and along wall. Correct by July 31. 

• Observed several containers not date marked in walk-in coolers. Corrected. Containers were marked with corrected dates.  

Jimmy John’s: 706 N. Missouri 7, inspected June 4. 

• Failed to secure valid food handler cards for multiple employees. Correct by July 1. 

• Ice machine had black buildup inside. RE-INSPECTION will be done on June 4 and a fee of $105 will be due at that time. Correct by July 31. 

Brewer’s Sports Bar and Grill: 1120 Main St., inspected June 1. 

• Observed tray of bread stored on the floor. Corrected. Tray was moved on pallet. 

• Observed chemical bottles without a label. Corrected. All bottles were labeled. 

MOD Pizza: 1112 N.E. Coronado Drive, inspected June 1. 

• Dishwasher was not sanitizing the hose from the sanitizer was not connected. CORRECTED on site. Manager repaired the hose. 

Cosentino’s PC Kitchen/Sous Vide/Salad Bar/ Smoked Meats: 1101 S. Missouri 7, inspected June 2. 

• Black buildup on the wall behind the sink. Buildup in the drain under the soda machine. Correct by Aug. 1. 

• Hand soap not accessible in the prep station. Correct by August 1. 

Crown Liquor: 1922 N.W. Woods Chapel Road, inspected June 2. No violations found.