Jackson County restaurant inspections – Grain Valley

Jeff Fox
The Examiner

The Jackson County Environmental Health Division inspects sites where food is served outside independence and Kansas City. Recent inspection results in Grain Valley include: 

Comfort Inn: 210 N.W. Jefferson St., inspected June 8 and June 21. No violations found. 

McDonald’s: 712 N. Main St., inspected May 4. 

• Noticed empty boxes on the walk-in cooler and freezer floor. Trash bins in the kitchen area were overflowing. Correct by July 3. 

Papa Murphy’s: 1203 Buckner-Tarsney Road, inspected May 11. 

• Observed a bowl being used as a scoop, bowl was removed and replaced with scoop with handle. Corrected on site. 

• Failure to provide valid food handler cards for multiple employees. Correct by June 10. 

El Tequilazo Cocina & Cantina: 522 S. Main St., inspection date not provided. 

• Multiple foods in the make ready bottom cooler were out of temperature compliance. Food was immediately discarded and a RE-INSPECTION will be conducted on May 17 to make sure cooler is holding food at proper temperature.

No re-inspection report provided. 

Price Chopper kitchen/deli/salad bar: 1191 N.E. McQuerry Road, inspected May 17. 

• Handwashing sign missing on one of the hand sinks in the kitchen area. Corrected on site. 

Price Chopper bakery: 1191 N.E. McQuerry Road, inspected May 17. No violations found. 

Price Chopper meat/seafood: 1191 N.E. McQuerry Road, inspected May 17. 

• Both paper towel dispensers were empty. Corrected on site. Employee placed towels in the dispensers. 

El Maguey Mexican Restaurant: 102 Buckner-Tarsney Road, inspected May 21. 

• Multiple food containers in the walk-in cooler did not have dates. Corrected on site. Food was discarded. 

• Observed the can opener had old food debris buildup on it. Corrected on site. Can opener was immediately cleaned.  

• Ice machine had a brown buildup inside on the plastic divider. Corrected on site. Employee immediately cleaned the ice machine. 

• Observed wet dishes on the drying rack stacked on top of each other. Correct by May 21. 

• Observed food scoop handles touching food inside containers. Corrected. Handles were moved out of the food.